Hugh Ballou

Hugh Ballou


Hugh Ballou, The Transformational Leadership Strategist

Hugh Ballou orchestrates success with Transformational Leader around the world with his unique and effective leadership skills developed in over 40 years working as conductor or orchestras and choirs.

The skill set of planning for success, constructing powerful goals, and delegating with authority are consistent themes where many leaders underperform.

Ballou’s unique ability in inspire and motivate event the most difficult of audiences has made him the expert in the field of Transformational Leadership. Transformational Leaders build strong leaders on teams that are motivated, focused and highly effective in setting and implementing powerful goals.

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Work experience

Work experience
2000 - Present


SynerVision International, Inc.


Jun 1994 - Aug 1997

M. Mu.

University of South Florida
Aug 1964 - Aug 1969

B. Mu.

Georgia State University