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Anita Navalurkar brings extensive structural engineering experience to her project management position at Sam Schwartz Engineering. A long-time resident of the New York City area, Anita Navalurkar has worked with several regional firms and understands the complexities of building and maintaining infrastructure in and around a major metropolis. At the start of her career, Anita Navalurkar held a position with Hayden | Wegman Consulting Engineers, where she conducted load-rating analyses for a variety of projects. In this role, Anita Navalurkar worked on the reconstruction of the West 158th Street ramp in New York, inspecting the super- and sub-structure of the installation, preparing contract drawings, and organizing all details of the project with the contractors and government agencies involved. Additionally, Anita Navalurkar worked on the rehabilitation of approximately 40 bridges on the Major William Francis Deegan Expressway. On top of fulfilling duties similar to those for the 158th Street ramp project, Anita Navalurkar oversaw and coordinated a team of sub-consultants. On the rehabilitation project for the United Nations Headquarters, Anita Navalurkar compiled the results of field inspections, prepared analyses of the required remedial efforts and various cost options, and developed contract drawings. Some of the projects Anita Navalurkar was involved with after leaving Hayden | Wegman Consulting Engineers included developing overhead signs for Paterson Plank Road, assisting in the design of the Toms River Bypass Bridge, and replacing a culvert in New Brunswick, New Jersey. A native of India, Anita Navalurkar holds engineering degrees from institutions in her homeland and in the United States.

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