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Reading, sharing information, encouraging others about how each of us has the ability to make a contribution to our world.


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An advocate for animal causes, Lynn Hildebrand serves the Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley (HSSBV) as a Humane Education Teacher for preschool to sixth grade children. Encouraging students to adopt a philosophy of better treatment towards animals, stopping animal abuse, and caring for all wildlife, Lynn Hildebrand seeks to instill in children the lesson of Think Before You Adopt. Caring for a companion animal involves a serious lifetime commitment. One way Lynn Hildebrand accomplishes this is through inviting students to Critter Camp, a week-long camp for third graders that introduces children to several animals. A proponent of changing the world for the better, Lynn Hildebrand encourages students to believe an individual can make positive contributions to the world, to recognize the importance of others and that by working together, they can effect change. 

Working with the HSSBV for 20 years, Lynn Hildebrand takes up several of its causes. A 40-year-old organization, the HSSBV helps animals and families throughout the area with low-cost medical care, microchipping, and basic obedience classes. The HSSBV also employs full-time animal cruelty investigators that review hundreds of reports of animal cruelty each year.

During her spare time, Lynn Hildebrand conducts Sunday school lessons at the First Congregational Church, attends the Roadhouse Biker Church, and delivers pet food to families who are experiencing financial difficulties. 

Lynn Hildebrand enjoys reading books by Ayn Rand and Greg Mortenson.

Work experience

Jan 1991Present

Humane Education Teacher

Humane Society of San Bernardino Valley


Jan 1968Jan 1969

Teaching Credential

University of California Riverside
Aug 1965Apr 1968


University of California Santa Barbara