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During my almost 45 years of working experience I spent 22 with NICRO, a national NGO widely recognised for their innovative, effective service delivery within the criminal justice arena. 

During this time with them in the Fundraising and Marketing Department I gained valuable working experience and respect for all human beings like no other career could ever have taught me. 

My working experience includes:

  • Personal Assistant
  • Office Management
  • Staff Management
  • Fundraising
  • Marketing & Media
  • Administration, Finance & Budget
  • National Events & Campaigns
  • Creative Work and Editing – eg Annual Reports
  • Corporate Identity
  • Website Management
  • Proposals & Progress Reports to Donors
  • Donor Contracts
  • Donor Research & Liaison with Donors
  • Database Management
  • Social Networking
  • Media Liaison

My strong points are that I am organised, have meticulous attention to detail, database management, strong all-round administrative experience and my personal passion, meeting deadlines. My all-round administration experience and "getting it done", positive attitude goes a long way when implementing office systems and ensuring the smooth general operation of any office.

Work experience


Business Development Coordinator


Responsible for: Administration and many similar work tasks as during my previous time of employment with them.


Fundraising Executive

Political Party

Responsible for: Maintaining existing donor relationships, cold calling and canvassing for new potential donors and all  related administrative tasks in a call centre environment. 

It was a great learning curve to experience the passages of a political party. 

Oct 2009Jan 2012

Public Relations & Marketing

Dementia SA

Responsible for: Personal Assistant, Public Relations, Marketing, Social Networking, Fundraising, Proposals and Progress Reports, Supervision of Administrative Staff, HR, IT, Manage and maintain the website, newsletters/publications, Counselling and Statistics.These functions ebbed and flowed as the organisation required.

An interesting and exciting portfolio at an organisation doing sterling work in communities where dementia is still a disease unknown by many.

Feb 2009Dec 2009

National Director

Scam Stop Education and Awareness

Responsible for: Executing the mission and vision of the organisation as directed by the Operational Plan and Budget; Compiling budgets, Operational plans and strategies; Finances and assets as directed by the organisation constitution; Administration oversight including finances, members, staff, sponsors, donors and other stakeholders; Fundraising and Sponsorships; Social networking with members and all other stakeholders; Overall vision and strategic direction of the organisation in conjunction with the Management Committee and stakeholders; Public Relations; Marketing & Branding; Liaison with: Management Committee, Government Departments, Sponsors and Donors, other NGOs and Voluntary Orgnanisations, Media and all other Stakeholders.

An interesting work year and an eye opener as to how easily Joe and Jane Public get roped in by scammers and fraud targeted at them.

Mar 1975Dec 1990



Various Sectors & Companies. Hotel trade, Manufacturing, Engineering & Government

During this period I worked almost 8 years in the hotel industry.I cut my teeth in the trade working at 2 star hotels in the late 70s and early 80s. Training whilst working in all aspects of the business taught me how to manage a restaurant, kitchen bedrooms, reservations, front office – basically all aspects of the day-to-day operation of a small hotel.I spent two years in the furniture manufacturing and retail industry and two years for the government at the Department of Public Works (tenders, contracts and quotations).

Jan 1991Jan 2009

National Coordinator - Fundraising, Marketing & Media

NICRO National Office

Responsible for: Fundraising: Effective planning and control of development strategies and plans to achieve fundraising targets; monitor other fundraising efforts in the sector; proposals and progress reports coordination (deadlines); relationship building - existing and potential donors; research for new donors and explore partnership possibilities; Contracts (grants).

PR & Marketing: Production of all marketing materials; corporate publications such as annual report, internal/external newsletter; art brochures; stationery (letterheads/business cards; banners/signage); management and maintenance of website; stock levels of marketing materials; external stakeholders; public relations (donors, media and other stakeholders)

Special Events and National Campaigns: National Art Competition (Prison Art); National Safety campaign (Blow the Whistle Against Crime); National Essay competition (Write for a safer South Africa). The campaigns and competition ran multiple years. All of the events included the following: media campaign, fundraising campaign; administrative systems, logistics etc. Direct Mail Campaign -between June and December 2008. Every second year logistics of the Biennial General Meeting for approximately 120 people (logistics, co-ordination and oversight of).

Finance & Administration: Annual budget and plan; monitor budget; implement and monitor internal processes, systems and procedures, Electronic filing system (development and maintenance).

Database Management: Developed and managed key contacts database

Training: Within own area of expertise

Trade marking: Trade marking of logos, classes etc from 1996 till 2008

The early years at NICRO: Travel arrangements; arranging seminars and board meetings (full function – flights, accommodation, venue); confidential matters; taking of minutes at board meetings; all admin tasks related to appointments and resignations; media clipping records; public relations; reconciling of subsidies from state departments; salaries for Head Office staff; PAYE; UIF; all cheques and cheque requisitions; creditors; pettycash for Head Office and four branches



Skills Training

Damelin Correspondence College

Manager Development

Managing yourself, managing others, managing the organisation. 1 year course. I have not written the exams as candidates had the choice to either write exams or complete all assignments – I did this course as a refresher for own development.

University of Stellenbosch Business School

Management Programme for NGOs & NPOs - an intense 5 day leadership course

Business Computer Applications, Financial Management, Principles of Project Management, Marketing, Environmental Scanning & Business Plans, Legal Environment for NPOs, Leadership 

Centre for Extra-Mural Studies University of Cape Town

Winter School Course 2 days - Report Writing  

TCS (Transformational Consulting Services)

Interpersonal Leadership

One-to-one Communication for Success, Coaching, Feedback, Assertiveness & Handling Conflict - 3 days   

Centre for Extra-Mural Studies Winter School

Course 1 Day Understanding and using financial reports  

University of Cape Town

Citizen Base Initiative Resource Mobilisation Workshop - 3 days  

5th International Workshop on Resource Mobilisation  

Mobilising Resources for Civic Action - 3 days  

NPRT (Non-Profit Resource Training) Fundi Fundraising System - 2 days  

ER24 First Aid Level 1 - 2 days  

Dementia SA Introduction to Dementia Training Workshop -1 day  

Damelin Management School - Public Relations Three month course Course Completed Cape Town – 1993  

Success Correspondence College Senior Certificate Subjects English Higher (HG) Afrikaans Higher (HG) Ethnology/Criminology (SG)  

J G Meiring High School Goodwood – Cape Town Standard Nine 1971 – 1974  

Inhouse Training   Colonial Mutual – Letter Writing Colonial Mutual – Business Writing

Marcow Bros – Hotel Management - inhouse practical experience

IT Training Excel 2000 – Level 1 Excel 2000 – Level 2 Access 2000 – Level 1 Project 2000 – Level 1 Project 2000 – Level 2 Microsoft Windows Microsoft Word Corel – Word Perfect Corel – Paradox Q & A Amstrad Wordstar Professional Write Printmaster II Novell Accounting Package (Open Item) Harvard Grahphics Getting things done with Outlook (2010)        


In my leisure time I read. My love for reading was instilled by my paternal grandmother who at the young age of six banned me to the "reading room" if ever I uttered the words "I'm bored".

Over the years serial killing plots became a firm favourite. I love my country and continent and reading about African politics and cultures therefore a natural addition to my reading list.

Listening to music brings "peace to the soul" and although my favourites are Il Divo and Sarah Brightman I love most music.

I feed my creative side by writing poetry and short journals, mostly inspired by everyday experiences and events.


Rosemary Shapiro-Liu


To whom it may concern

Lynne's sense of humour, and sense of urgency (when necessary) are a great balance. Lynne is supportive, strong, competent and great fun to work with. In the time she and I worked on the fundraising at NICRO, a large, national non-profit, we increased the income more than ten-fold, and fine-tuned the public image of the organization. This included working with provincial directors on funding and on a national biennial campaign.

Lynne is the most organised person I have worked with. If I thought of something that needed doing, it had already been done. Her attention to detail often saved the day in a busy and challenging work environment. It was Lynne's belief in the cause, commitment to the task at hand, and capacity to really tackle the here and now that I will most remember about those excellent years of working with her.

I highly recommend Lynne to anyone who is smart enough to contract her services.

Kind regards

Rosemary Shapiro-Liu


Making Things Work

Sydney, Australia

Telephone   +61 2 9716 7843

Mobile           +61 405 392827

Soraya Solomon

February 2009

Ms Thackeray has spent eighteen years of her career with NICRO and was employed from January 1991 to January 2009. She contributed to the vision of NICR0 with passion and enthusiasm.

Ms Thackeray was a responsible worker who understood her duties with passion and creativity.

She displayed good leadership skills and her performance was always of a high standard. She was one of those staff members that could be asked to undertake any task as she has a range of skills. These include skills that could be used at various levels within an organisation.

Ms Thackeray’s strengths are so varied that she would be able to fit into any job in an organisation. This ability was evident in her long history with NICRO as she was asked to fulfil various roles and tasks. Her strong organisational, administrative, marketing, donor acquisition, planning, editing, writing and management skills will impact on any company that will employ her.

Please contact me should you require further information.

Soraya Solomon