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In business and life, there are mice, and there are elephants.  Mice can be effective if they are working together as mice, instead of impersonating elephants. 

I have a penchant for business, a way with words, and a desire to help small businesses and non-profits succeed.  My 16 year corporate career as a professional corporate strategist, planner, facilitator, and writer has given me a unique perspective on how and why decisions are made in corporations, government, non-profits and business. 

In 2011, I started my own company, Lynear Thinking, to offer my corporate experience to small business and non-profits that would benefit from these and other professional services.  

My goal is to help other mice get mobilized, and bring together the professional services we all need to be successful and competitive in a marketplace dominated by elephants.

Work experience

Board Member

Family Services Regina

Family Service Regina provides leadership and services that strengthen families and individuals to fully participate in our vibrant and inclusive community.  Nine years ago, I facilitated the agency's planning process which lead to the creation of their direction.  I am happy to be able to contribute to this organization as a board member as it fulfills an important role in our community.  

Family Service Regina envisions a vibrant and inclusive community where families and individuals thrive.

  • Family Service Regina has been "Helping Families Through Life" since 1931.  The ongoing commitment and dedication of the staff, the board and our community partnerships have faithfully reflected the social concerns of our community.
  • Families are at the heart of our community and we strive to strengthen family connections.  Family Service Regina is a vital, not-for-profit organization dedicated to helping families, individuals, and young people facing new or difficult challenges in their lives. All services are offered by professional and experienced staff in a safe, caring, and confidential environment.
Jun 2011Present


Lynear Thinking Strategy and Communications Consulting Ltd.
  • Business Consulting (the un-corporate way): 
    • I work with entrepreneurs, small business owners and non-profits  to develop business opportunities, explore new markets, connect people with the skills they need to achieve their goals.  
  • Writing and Publishing: 
  • Public Speaking and Presentations
    • Managing Risk and Change 
    • Creating visions, not just dreams 
    • Leadership 
    • Performance Management 
  • Healthy Living: Fitness Instructor for Gold's Gym
Jan 2010Present

Board Secretary, Board Member

George Reed Foundation

I worked with George Reed to assist him in re-establishing The George Reed Foundation in 2010. The Foundation and George's vision is to help the disabled and disadvantaged who are physically and intellectually challenged.  We support programs and projects that focus on education, continuous learning and inspiring healthy and active living.  I currently serve on the Board of Directors as Secretary.  In addition, I work with community members to facilitate and support the Foundation's initiatives and projects as well as fund raising activities. 

Jul 2010Present

BTS Fitness Instructor

Gold's Gym Regina

My love for fitness and good living keeps me going back to the gym, as a participant and an instructor. I became hooked on the group fitness programs at Gold's Gym.  In 2010, I became an instructor.  2 - 4hours per week, you will find me teaching classes that increase your fitness level while having fun. I encourage a safe and motivational environment allowing you to reach your health and fitness goals effectively. 

I am certified in Group CENTERGY. Group Centergy is a 60 minute journey of yoga and Pilates movements. Positive uplifting music, group dynamics and supportive instructors will enable you to center your energy, reduce stress and even smile. Discover Group Centergy. Your body and mind will love you for it. 

Group Centergy is truly for everyone, removing barriers of age, gender and fitness background. The nature of the program makes it easy for everyone to achieve success, master techniques over time and return for more.

  • New exercisers will love Group Centergy because the program makes it easy to work at your own pace. Modifications are built into the program and the Group Centergy instructors are trained to look after you.
  • For the “fit-it-in-when-you-can” exerciser, Group Centergy offers a lot in one session. It is a timely way to increase strength, flexibility and relax – all in one hour.
  • Group Centergy is great for the fitness enthusiast because it keeps your body in peak condition. Group Centergy helps fight injury and allows for quick recovery…it puts back what the hard exercise session takes out.
Jun 2011Present


Wilfred Orr Business and Convention Centre

I provide business planning and communications consulting services to this new business in Regina, including proposals, business plans, web site content / direction, branding and logo development and enhancement, social media (facebook and blog management) and governance communications.

May 1996Present

Weekend and Freelance Reporter


Delivered weekend reporting and freelance writing assignments. 

Jun 2010Jun 2011

Director of Planning

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation

I joined Sask Gaming in 2008 to lead a new planning and ERM department, and to implement a new planning system that would be consistent with the shareholder alignment model (Crown Investment Corporation).  Here is an overview of my responsiblities: 

  • Provided leadership for completing the Corporate Performance Plan including the facilitating Board /Executive planning in the identification of corporate risks, development of the corporate direction, goals and priorities, developing and managing the corporate scorecard, ensuring the organization has a consistent view of strategy to systematically manage organizational alignment, and cascade the Balanced Scorecard to departments.
  • Provided leadership to support the Corporation in its goal for long term sustainability through enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.Lead the process to identify areas or business processes to analyze, do the necessary analysis including assessment of best practices and make recommendations for improvement.
  • Provided a consultative and integrative role with the respective functional departments including budgeting, risk management and human resources in the formation of the strategic plan and budget.
  • Managed and lead Corporate Performance Plan reporting and strategy review process with the senior leadership of the organization to enable effective monitoring and reporting of performance against the Corporate Performance Plan.
  • Facilitated and led the quarterly meetings with the executive and senior management.
  • Ensured the quarterly report is delivered to provide appropriate information to the Board of Directors and the Shareholder.
Mar 2009May 2010

Acting Vice President, Corporate Services

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation

During a time of transition, I was asked to fulfill an acting position on the executive team.  The following is an overview of role and accomplishments. 

  • Responsible and accountable as a member of the Executive to provide vision, leadership, strategic direction, management and control for corporate business units and programs including: Corporate Communications, Corporate Social Responsibility, Business Planning and Enterprise Risk Management.
  • Collaborated with SaskGaming’s Board of Directors and Executive to create the organization’s mission, vision and values through corporate strategic planning processes.
  • Participated as an active member of the Executive to annually develop and implement a multi-year corporate planning process and objectives to create a successful and viable operation in line with government mandate and SaskGaming vision, values and partnerships.
  • Established and maintained effective accountability systems to regularly review activities and goals against strategies to report results to the President and CEO of SaskGaming and Board of Directors as necessary.
  • Ensured effective organizational structures and management processes are responsive and in place to meet the expectations and achieve strategic goals.
  • Ensured that business operations comply with regulatory, legal, government and corporate standards and policies.
Apr 2008Apr 2009

Director, Business Planning and Risk Management

Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation
  • Ensured delivery of the annual corporate performance management plan for approval by the Board of Directors and Government of Saskatchewan through leadership in:development of the strategic direction and priorities (Board and Executive); lead the development and management of the balanced scorecard; lead the development of a corporate fact base for use in planning and decision making; ensure management has the necessary tools and support required to develop operational plans that support the strategic direction, priorities and achievement of the targets;ensure integration with the budget process; ensure thedelivery of the business plan and rollout to external and internal stakeholders; lead the establishment of a multi-year development plan for long term initiatives;link to human resources performance management processes.
  • Provided leadership to ensure a centralized reporting process is in place and aligned with Crown Investment Corporation reporting requirements, as well as meeting the information needs of the Executive and Board in monitoring progress and making decisions accordingly.
  • Ensured the delivery of the quarterly monitoring and reporting of corporate performance of results to the Executive, Board and the Government.
  • Led the development, implementation, integration and management of the enterprise risk management system.
  • Provided a central point of contact for Crown Investment Corporation in relation to performance management and liaise with the internal subject matter experts and stakeholders accordingly.
Jun 2005Apr 2008

Associate Vice President, Strategic Planning

Concentra Financial

  • Leading and integrating strategic planning, reporting and supporting systems and methods established and executed in a shared services environment. 
  • Integrated planning system (Office of Strategy Management model), leveraging project management, risk management, human resources, budget, communications and research processes to realize efficiencies and effectiveness of related corporate management systems.
Feb 2002Jun 2005

Manager of Planning

Sask Central

  • Strategic planning, reporting and supporting systems and methods established and executed (in a merger environment)
  • Integrated planning system (Office of Strategy Management model), leveraging project management, risk management, human resources, budget, communications and research processes to realize efficiencies and effectiveness of related corporate management systems.
  • Credit union system board and management planning such as:

oCEAMS Association

oCornerstone Credit Union Limited

oLloydminster Credit Union (Synergy)

oNorth Battleford Credit Union (Innovation)

oCypress Credit Union Limited

oSaskatoon Credit Union (Affinity)

oApex Credit Union, Calgary

Apr 1996Feb 2002

Communications Officer, Policy Analyst

Farm Credit Canada

  • Particpated in and facilitated the development of FCC's strategy 
  • Designed and implement corporate communications to build awareness of the organization’s purpose at the board, executive, internal and external stakeholder levels.
  • Implemented brand development, corporate communications, public relationsand marketing materials, news initiatives 
  • Delivered annual reports and corporate plans from 1996 - 2000 resulting in the following awards:

o4 Awards for Communication Excellence (ACE) in Annual Reporting

o2 Auditor General of CanadaAwards of Excellence in Corporate Planning and Reporting 



Kirk Leverington

“Lynn is one of the very few people in an organization that makes all the connections. She is a highly integrative thinker, incredibly motivated and quite brilliant.” (Via Linkedin)

Debbie Lane

Lynn has a wealth of knowledge in the development and execution of strategic business plans and strategies.  She has a keen talent to ensure realistic and achievable goals are established and appropriate outcomes are measured and pursued.  Lynn possesses excellent communication skills and the dedication to see initiatives through from start to finish and the desire to build strong and lasting relationships with those she interacts with.  She has a strong belief in the importance of integrity, honesty and high ethical standards that make her a strong leader and a capable business entrepreneur!

Dave Smith

“Lynn has a tremendous positive energy and a healthy spirit that she pours into everything she tackles. Her advanced expertise in planning and communications help teams and organizations step forward in unison. Her energy and enthusism are always respected by those around her as well the new ideas she generously brings all situations.”  (Via LInkedin)

Kellie Garrett

“I worked with Lynn 10 years ago at FCC and more recently as her executive coach. She is very creative and effervescent and a marvellous writer and strategist. Her work ethic is over the top and she is passionate about continuous improvement - of herself and her work.” (Via Linkedin)

Official Blog

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Writing Projects


Leadership and Inspiration
While I take leadership extremely seriously, I will never be able to call myself a rockstar (as nobody should). Relationships require constant nurturing and understanding.  In my continuous quest to be a good leader, I dedicate myself to being good at listening, planning, communicating and holding others accountable for their own successes.  I believe that in beginning with the `why`, people can take ownership of the how, and engage more fully. I believe that people want to be successful. It is my job as a leader to help them understand what that means and to ensure they have the tools, attitude, environment and support to deliver.  I believe that people own their own success, but my job is to facilitate and be amazed. Sometimes, when someone is not in the right environment or job, as a leader, I take responsibility for being honest with them, and helping them leave.  I offer 9 years in progressive management experience from the manager level to the executive and board level. I have led teams of direct reports up to 12 as well as corporate project teams from multiple departments by working through a clear role - delivery based approach. 
Group Leadership / Facilitation
  My most memorable experience as a facilitator was when a group of people decided to take their differences out on the sidewalk (to settle it like men).  After the excitement subsided, I was able to bring order and peace by coaching the CEO and helping him get his message across.  At the end of our time together, we achieved our goal to reach a strategic direction for the future.    I take pride on always getting to the desired outcome.  I have facilitated board and executive meetings for corporations, government, credit unions, non-profits and the private sector for a variety of situations including forging new strategies, progressing in a current strategy, mergers and acquisitions and change initiatives.     Group leadership and facilitation is a dynamic process, and anything can happen.  The fact is, there 2 kinds of people.  Those who love the planning experience, right down to the smelly markers and flip charts, and those who would rather just, well, execute something. You need a plan that you can take to the bank.  It must show the way to the future, including the actions and resources that it will take in the short term to make it happen. And a plan needs to be reviewed, as frequently as quarterly.    I can bring the experience of having facilitated over 400 strategic planning meetings.  I will work with you and your team to establish your goals to be achieved over the next 3 to 5 years and the major milestones or targets that you will achieve along the way. And that, you can take to the bank.   
Writing and Communications
  These days, word travels fast and in many ways, including word of mouth, perceptions, experiences and through the things that people say about your organization. You may not be in control of your own message if you are not doing so on purpose.   Consider the time it takes for a message to be posted on one of the many social media sites about a service experience.  A tweet gone awry.  A conversation on the street about your company. It is more of a challenge to control your message than any other time.   As a professional writer and communicator, I can help you manage your message with your most important stakeholders such as your banker, investors, clients and your staff.     Here are some examples that may help you get the word out:    speeches and presentations for executives, boards, politicians and public figures.  business plans reports  proposals  strategies  project plans web sites  blogs  governance and policy documents    Here is a list of writing awards to demonstrate my skills as a writer.  3 Consecutive Awards of Excellence in Communication for Annual Reports. (1996 - 1999 Farm Credit Canada) 2 Auditor General Awards of Canada for Corporate Planning and Annual Reporting 1998 - 1999 and 1999 - 2000. (Farm Credit Canada) 2008 Annual Report received a Communications Award (Sask Gaming) 2009 Sask Gaming Intranet project received a Communications Award 2010 Communitas Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (Saskatchewan Gaming Corporation)    
Organizational planning
Business planning is a competency that successful companies have acquired over time.  The question is:  how should the planning function be structured within the organization to optimize resources and achieve competency? We tend to think that size matters. I suggest it is not size, but how the function is utilized.    I have led planning departments in silo driven organizations where department functions are hived off from one another and in a shared services organization. The silo model is more expensive to the organization, and may not necessarily result in the ultimate goal of building organizational competency for business planning. I would suggest that the days of large internal planning departments are less effective both financially and culturally.    I prefer the shared services model because it is more efficient, engaging and builds organizational competency in planning.  Given the role as director and facilitator of board, executive and management planning, I take an outsider`s perspective, using Kaplan and Norton`s ``Office of Strategy Management`` model as inspiration.   The big pay off with an OSM / shared services model  is the creation of a strategy focused organization.  The company builds competence in business planning through engagement and making it part of their jobs.  That way, the organization is more successfully able to communicate the plan and integrate it into performance management processes at the employee level.   Culture plays a big part in the success of the shared services / OSM model, where learning and cooperation are not only preferred, but expected.  From a leadership perspective, this type of organization is more effective and engaged, thereby increasing the opportunity for success. If the executive is indeed dedicating 80% of their time to strategic and collaborative leadership, then the shared success model has a greater chance of success.   My goal is to help bring plan, people and processes together, so that the company can enjoy more profitability. Through this process of alignment the company becomes more nimble and able to act on opportunity and weather storms.