In the process of completing construction on Lynas Advanced Materials Plant (LAMP) in Gebeng, Malaysia, Lynas Corporation will soon become a world leader in the Rare Earths market. With a mining site already set in Mount Weld, the world’s largest Rare Earths deposit, Lynas Corporation harvests raw material from the Western Australia mine and concentrates it on-site for exportation to Malaysia. When the processing plant opens later this year, it will crack, separate, and finish the concentrated product received from Australia and sell the refined materials to companies around the world.The plant meets international safety and environmental standards and remains fully compliant with guidelines established by the Atomic Energy Licensing Board and the Department of Environment. This processing will allow Lynas Corporation to guarantee a high-quality product that meets the high expectations of all its customers, and the Mount Weld deposit ensures that the company continues to meet demand. At present, the overwhelming majority of Rare Earths comes from the Chinese market, which has placed increasing restrictions on exportation and made the materials more difficult and expensive to obtain.Rare Earths have played a key role in the evolution of energy-efficient technologies around the world, and Lynas Corporation hopes to fuel more developments with its Rare Earths Direct (RED) brand, which sets controls for product quality. Due to their chemical and physical properties, Rare Earths have become key elements in the creation of catalytic converters, energy-efficient lighting, smaller digital electronics, wind turbines, and hybrid vehicles. By providing the world with a reliable Rare Earths supply, Lynas Corporation pushes for a greener, sustainable tomorrow made possible by these unique elements.

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