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Lyle Harrison is a graduate of Northern Alberta Institute of Technology with a background in custom cabinetry. He founded Wolf Creek Cabinets in 1993. Wolf Creek Cabinets is a company focused on custom design in residential homes. As founder, Lyle Harrison has helped the company grow into a premier provider of design and custom kitchens in the area.Lyle Harrison founded Wolf Creek Cabinets with the intent to provide a great product to his customers. Wolf Creek Cabinets works with customers through the whole process in order to provide them with the best possible kitchen renovation. Customers are encouraged to visit the Lacombe showroom to learn more about the company’s services. Not only is the service at Wolf Creek Cabinets superior, but Lyle Harrison has also helped to ensure that the products are of the utmost quality. All components are built and finished locally, in Lacombe. As a result of the local service, hand-finished products can be repaired quickly and efficiently. Wolf Creek Cabinets has many choices when it comes to counter tops, all of which are made from high-quality materials. Lora Lea Harrison, an award-winning designer for Wolf Creek Cabinets, helps customers choose exactly which components they want for their new kitchens. On top of Wolf Creek Cabinets’ great service and exceptional products, the company offers cabinets and countertops for every budget. Upon delivery, cabinet installations typically take three to seven days, so customers can enjoy their kitchens without much delay. Wolf Creek Cabinets has been a member of the Canadian Kitchen Cabinet Association since 2006, and the company has been providing great service to its customers since its inception in 1993.

Work experience

Jan 1993Present

Founder, Owner, Cabinetmaker

Wolf Creek Cabinets

Cabinetmaker, Shop Foreman

Tiara Cabinets

Cabinetmaker, Apprentice

Stettler Custom Cabinets

Lyle Harrison


Sep 1978Jun 1983


Northern Alberta Institute of Technology