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When doing a job I find myself performing in the best way I possibly could. I am driven. When my sights have been set on improving, becoming fluid in actions, learning as much as I can at a quick rate and performing the culmination of these things to the highest of my ability, I excel.
Positivity is something that I find to be absolutely necessary. It's not necessarily just a skill that to me is important to have but a mentality that is dire to adapt. Being positive is something beneficial that I bring to the table. Staying upbeat, clear headed and as stress free as possible especially in the work environment is something that I thrive on. With the positivity that I'm able to bring to the table it also helps me to remain on task and complete what needs to be done without being stressed, frazzled or overwhelmed. With those things alleviated it makes it more realistic to stay calm in stressful situations or moments that are more fast paced.
I find it easy to identify with people and get them to understand my viewpoints and input as well as see theirs and be able to do the same for them. I'm able to level with people and make people feel comfortable in a manner that makes me an easy person to work with. I find it important to be personable for not only the efficiency of the job but also for an opportunity to have a more relaxed and positive reaction from people and vise versa.
A skill that I find valuable and believe that I possess is strong communication. It's very important to me that the job that I'm doing, tasks or operations are made clear to me as well as having constructive criticism is provided. I accept it well as I know that it's one efficient way to improve. I find that it's also more productive when I'm able to ask questions openly and be clear about my progress and development to overall improve the function of what it is that I'm doing for the overall benefit of management, team members and myself.

Work experience

Mar 2008Jan 2015

Insider, Shift Manager, Assistant Manager, Co-Manager

Marco's Pizza

While working for Marco's Pizza I held four total positions. I started there while in high school as an "insider" making pizzas, cleaning, stocking and light customer service. Throughout my 7 years working for the company I moved up from insider through the rankings, going from insider to shift manager then eventually assistant manager then  to my last position held with the company, co-manager. By the time i got to the co-manager position one of my largest responsibilities was customer service (cash drawer, taking food orders, handling customer complaints and feedback properly, establishing relationships within the community). Other duties I was held responsible for included but are not limited to cleaning, making pizzas, stocking, placing and receiving food truck and beverage orders, hiring process, training new employees and franchisees (certified training manager through Marco's Corporate Office), controlling labor and food cost, delegating jobs to employees to ensure the proper function of an efficient workplace.


Aug 2004May 2008

High School Diploma

Rossford High School

Volunteer Work

  • Delivering meals for elderly through the Wood County Committee on Aging (2004-06)
  • Service work in Appalachia including re-building homes and decontaminating houses (2003/4)
  • Preparing and serving meals to battered women at the "birds nest" in downtown Toledo (2001)