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Work experience

Sep 2010Dec 2010

Student Teacher

Carr Intermediate School

*Please note that the following work experience was an internship to complete my Single Subject Teaching Credential. The duration of which required me to take on the responsibilities of a teacher from September 2010 to December 2010 only.

Collaborating daily with other Algebra teachers, we implemented proven strategies, techniques, and activities that promoted student engagement in the subject matter as well as accommodated for all various learning styles (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, etc.) and special needs (English language learners, mental/physical disabilities, etc.).

  • Experience in teaching middle school Algebra using various innovative techniques incorporating realia and manipulatives in order for students to acquire a visual understanding of math through a conceptual lens. 
  • Experience in creating fun and engaging academic activities that exercise different learning styles (i.e. visual, auditory, kinesthetic). These innovative activities emphasize the importance of team building skills and competition as factors that contribute to student engagement (i.e. team races, scavenger hunt, murder mystery games, etc). 
  • Professionally certified in working with English language learners and students with special needs.

Feb 2007Aug 2010

Financial Analyst

FKC Properties, Inc.

As part of a privately owned commercial real estate company, I was significantly involved in over $70 million of acquisitions and $45 million of debt financing. Experienced in both appraisal valuations and market projections, I underwrote over $115 million of transactions as well as play an active role in the due diligence of each acquisition. 

In addition to appraisal valuations and market projections, I was responsible for coordinating annual budget reports for each of the company's assets, both on real estate and operation management. Such a role included reforecasting annual cash flow projections on a monthly basis, evaluating operational expenses for reimbursement purposes, surveying future rent growth for specified markets, and modeling capital expenditures and debt financing for each prospective year. 



Ableton Live Music Production
Studio Recording. Music composition. Sound engineering
Argus Valuation Software
  ARGUS Valuation - DCF™ is the industry standard commercial real estate cash flow projection, transaction analysis and asset valuation solution.   Quickly and accurately analyze commercial real estate assets and transactions Understand market realities and risks Develop leasing strategies, business and marketing plans Forecast property cash flows Calculate investment values and returns Share asset and transactional data with clients, partners and colleagues Navigate complex international deal structures ARGUS Valuation-DCF™ provides customized dashboard visibility into properties and portfolios with printable executive summary.
Microsoft Office

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