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My overall objective is to secure a position as a PR Account Executive in an agency willing to teach me everything they know. I would like to be involved in Entertainment, FMCG, Technology, Education - basically I want the chance to gain as much experience as possible.

I am prepared to work as an intern or do unpaid work experience to secure my dream role.

My immediate objectives are to boost my online presence and explore the online possibilities available to me. I hope that in doing so I will be able to bring even more to any PR role that I secure in the future.


I am a PR junkie - I love everything that PR means and I want to make it my career. Having spent the last two years taking my first tentative steps into the world of communications I have learnt enough about myself and the industry to know that I want to move my career into Agency PR.

I am currently living and working in Spain and using my time here to explore and improve my own personal brand and, in doing, learning more about online brand-building and finding out about the world to boot.

I don't expect it to be easy to find an agency job - I'm ready to work long hours for little or no money for as long as it takes for me to prove my worth. I know that I'm good at PR and I will be happy to have the chance to prove this and improve. As an entry level PR I know that I have so much to learn and I want to find an agency that will see my potential and make an investment in me.

Work experience

Voluntary Marketing Assistant

University of Portsmouth

This was a voluntary work placement during my final degree year and followed a placement that I had during my school trident work experience.

  • Working for the outreach programme ‘Up for It’ which targets the 11-16 age group through a membership scheme. This included producing copy for web pages, researching and writing articles for print and managing databases. There was also an element of proofreading involved.

Promotions Assistant

Original 106 FM
  • I assisted in writing copy for the station website.

  • I was part of a team responsible for promoting the radio station to businesses in the South, and raising the profile of the station to consumers in the area, both with email and digital contact and face to face promotional activities.
  • I wrote material for live links in order to get regular practice, and did some links on air
Jan 2011Mar 2011

Consulative Marketing Assistant

Portsmouth Aviation


·My goal is to come up with a strategy which will enable the company to create a strong brand, reach new customers, promote niche services and modernise their appearance. I have two main tasks on which to focus – one is carrying out a review of all communications in order to ensure that the brand image is consistent and one is to promote their Metal Finishing division.

·I am working closely with all members of staff and am responsible for selling the new image to everyone, from senior management staff to factory line workers, which requires regular, tailored communication.

·Producing copy for website, establishing suitable social media, and establishing a comprehensive plan for Online and Print which can be implemented when my contract comes to an end.

Sep 2010Dec 2010

Teaching Assistant

SEK Catalunya

I am currently taking 10 months out of PR to explore a culture I fell in love with during childhood family holidays.

While I am here, I hope to learn about new cultures, learn a new language and develop my understanding of new markets.

I have day-to-day responsibility for planning and holding lessons, specifically for those students advanced in English and those at the lower end of the spectrum who really struggle to grasp a new language - ultimately I do have contact with all levels of learners, however.

I spend most of my time with six, seven and eight year olds -  I have been given the added responsibity of teaching older year groups following the success I achieved teaching six year olds during my first month.

I create worksheets, games and lessons that allow the children to practice their language skills while allowing me to assess their proficiency. This enbles me to ensure that each child gets the level of interaction that is best suited to their needs.

It is also a hugely important part of my role to build good relationships with the teachers. This is in order to help them to improve their English and to ensure that any work I do complements their lessons and the overall curriculum.

I am developing good relationships with teachers from around the world through social activities, language exchange programmes and lesson planning.

Jul 2009Aug 2010

Press and PR Officer

Jubilee Sailing Trust

My actual term of employment with the charity was July 2009 - July 2010 although I continue to work for them on a freelance and pro-bono basis. Since leaving the charity I have organised and attended media calls, written their 2011 brochure and produced copy for various other projects.

Now that I am in Spain, I work for the charity remotely, whenever possible, with a focus on increasing editorial coverage; researching potential editorial contacts, organising editorial space and producing copy or researching required stories as necessary.

Before I left I organised a number of future media opportunities and I help to ensure that these become fruitful. Most recently, David Proud (Eastenders' Adam Best) sailed with the charity and filmed a video diary, which I commissioned with an external company. This will be shown on the BBC's Inside Out and will be followed with a larger production which follows Adam's return to the water on a longer voyage. This relationship will also bring Jubilee Sailing Trust and national charity Association of Spinal Bifida and Hydrocephalus (ASBAH) together.

During my time as an employee of the charity I was responsible for the following:

  • Point of contact for all press. I dealt with any incoming press enquiries and maintained the relationships that resulted. Istill  have good relationships with the Southampton Daily Echo, BBC Belfast and a number of disability publications.
  • I produced all press releases, monitoring local coverage and aiming to ensure an even geographic spread of press attention. I gained coverage of the charity in The Observer, The Guardian and Third Sector magazine as well as achieving 5.25 additional A4 pages of national coverage and 42 local press articles since January.
  • I was solely responsible for all copywriting within the charity for web and print. I organised my heavy workload to enable me to produce two monthly e-newsletters, a bi-annual 6 sided A4 newsletter, the bi-annual brochure and ad-hoc literature in addition to my Press Office responsibilities.
  • I was responsible for updating the website regularly with blogs and other content according to requirement.
  • I managed the pages of social networking sites, Facebook and Twitter.
  • I was an active ambassador for the charity and was, therefore, responsible for networking at industry and business events. I worked to achieve various aims including sponsorship and event participation, depending on the environment. I have gained contacts with Seeker Photography who have donated time and prints to the charity and negotiated printing on Bartercard at networking events. I have also recruited a number of individuals who have participated in Fundraising events, bringing in around £10,000 in fundraising.

I also undertook a CIM short-course entitled - Effective Proofreading and was responsible for proofing documents and communications.

Aug 2008Jul 2009

Marketing Assistant

Integrity Financial Solutions
  • I wrote copy for direct marketing and web, along with drafting emails and letters for my colleagues.
  • I set up and managed pages on LinkedIn and Ecademy. My strategy recruited two IFA firms and several Foreign Exchange Traders to the programme.
  • Maintained and ran mailing databases for both institutional and retail prospects and existing clients; this job necessitates meticulous attention to detail.
  • I researched and produce initial reports on new techniques in marketing and new systems to revolutionise the efficiency of our marketing approach. This resulted in the incorporation of social media to the marketing strategy. I also researched and proposed the need for viral marketing which has since been taken on by the company.
  • I managed and ran the print of all company brochures as seen by our clients. It was my responsibility to maintain stock levels.
  • I also carried out various ad hoc and ongoing support tasks including updating the website and producing figures used to monitor sales people.


I recently undertook a one-day CIM course called 'Effective Proofreading' which taught me some of the basic approaches to proof-reading that are applicable to the workplace.   The course also introduced me to the formal marking symbols, which I will need to spend more time learning to become confident in my use of them.  
I have spent the last year copywriting for web and print, for in-house, corporate and consumer documents as part of my role at the Jubilee Sailing Trust.   I am able to adapt tone within my copywriting to suit the purpose of the document.
Press Release writing
I regularly wrote and produced Press Releases for both national and local press, for a range of media and on a range of subjects (to promote events, human interest stories, etc).   I am confident in producing clear and concise press releases on most topics, although having taught myself I am happy to spend time reviewing my approach and learning new ways to produce attention grabbing releases.


Oct 2005Jul 2008

BA Hons - 2:1 Classification

University of Southampton