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Work experience

Apr 2008Nov 2009

IS Support Engineer

MTN Group

- Identification and resolution of hardware and software faults on PCs and peripherals. - 2nd level telephone technical support on PC desktop operating systems and hardware. - Testing and repair of PC hardware, Data Recovery, UPS batteries, and network peripherals.

- Analyzing system problems for future preventions. - Installation and configuration of PC desktop operating systems and system software.

- Managing Network Computer names and IP Addresses. - Installation and configuration of broadband hardware and software.

- Troubleshooting Wired (switches) and wireless networking hardware (WAP).

- Installing and troubleshooting WAN equipment and gateways.

- Connecting CISCO switches to ISP routers and gateways.

-Insuring the stability of the internet. - Installing broadband modems and routers (including wireless devices). - Administration of PC desktop client anti-virus and client firewall software. - Troubleshooting Microsoft Office Suite 2000/2003/2007.

- Installation of company ERP systems: MAEVA, TABS, CRM, JAVA, Oracle 9i & 10g, IFS, Intelligent Network systems(IN1,IN2,IN3), Stock application, Procurement systems, Accounting Systems, Human Resources Applications and ID Card application for Access Controlled doors. Also installing LIVE portal revenue reports for Marketing, Sales, and Board Members.

- Insuring the stability of the intranet.

- Dealing with sub-contractors and suppliers.

- Managing stock equipment and spare parts related to computer systems\printers\scanners\faxes\photocopiers and network devices.

- Administration of E-mail client software (Outlook and Outlook Web Mail using any web browser)

- A team leader\trainer and coordinator for two IT support technicians.

-Also required to:

- Couching and Development.- Client Consultant and Problem Solving.

- Customer Focus. - Performance of Excellence and Leadership.

- Managing Accountability.- Teamwork and Cooperation.

- Documentation Development.- Managing projects.

Dec 2005Mar 2008

IT Support Technician


- 1st Level telephone tech support and using Helpdesk system. Troubleshooting PCs / Laptops and all peripherals and installation of company systems & applications. Connecting PCs and Laptops to both intranet and internet and protecting the equipment from viruses and intruders. Also providing IT support to all Customer Care POS and all company buildings. And also working as an IT Support for a 2 floor building holding more than 200 PCs and laptops with their peripherals and network management, troubleshooting wireless and cable network connections, Switches, and DSL linkage. Setting up projectors and conference equipment in various divisions. Troubleshooting Windows XP\Vista and MS Office Suite.

- Troubleshooting WAN (TRANGO and YDI) that was connected from Baraka Tower to Garden City MTN complex.

- Management of all Computer Systems those are located in the building. IP and Computer Naming management and installing network switches and routers.

- Responsible of all network issues and cabling.

- Responsible of networked Access Control Doors.

- Dealing with Suppliers and consultants for implementing network issues and computer systems.

- On-Call troubleshooting for CEO and board members of MTN group where ever they are located.

- Responsible for Applications server for supporting all installed applications and sources for the computer systems.

Jul 2004Aug 2005

Help Desk Technician

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

- Installation, Configuration & Upgrading PCs. Performing preventative maintenance. Connecting PCs to both the local network and the Internet. Setting up printers, tweaking settings and adding hardware on PCs to improve their performance, and enabling peripherals on PCs.

Applications Support. Trouble-shooting Windows and MS Office suite.

- Installing, configuring and troubleshooting wired/wireless networks including switches, wireless access points, modems.

- Installed networking cables and network switches in a 4 story building. Also configured DHCP with IP address range in a Windows Exchange Server 2003 environment.

- The installation and configuration of Financial systems in the Accounting and Finance Department.

- Installing Fiber Optic Cables and Modules for new building.

- On-Call support for VIPs and the Minister of Foreign Affairs himself.


Aug 2008Present



An 80 hours course of intensive study on PC installation, Configuration and upgrading hardware, Diagnosing and troubleshooting, preventative maintenance, safety and security, troubleshooting printers/scanners and networking, communication and professionalism, and operating systems.

Nov 2008Present

Linux RH

MAZARI Institute

Strong practicing in installing the RHEL OS, Files & Directories management, Processes configuration, learning the Shell commands, knowing how to configure the system, learning Network & Security essentials, connecting and removing hardware devices, Script programming using Shell, Virtualization using Xen Technology and also troubleshooting the Linux OS.

Aug 2009Present

Time & Stress Management


Ability to work life balance. Effective Personal Leadership. Prioritizing. Scheduling techniques. Time saving methods. Managing stress. 

Apr 1999Mar 2003


Bayan University for Science & Technology

4 years of studying both practical and theoretical courses. Designing, programming, installing and implementing software and applications. PC Maintenance techniques and network troubleshooting. Earned an (A+) on the graduation project. 7500 lines of Dark Basic programming.


Leadership/Management Skills
Good decision making based upon a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment.
Flexibility/Adaptability/Managing Multiple Priorities
  The ability to demonstrate professionalism in all aspects of IT Support and Customer facing skills.  
Computer/Technical Writing skills and Literacy
Good literacy and report writing skills and be able to provide examples from previous IT projects where appropriate.
Analytical/Research Skills
Excellent analytical and troubleshooting skills for problem resolution.
Communications Skills (listening, verbal, written)
Excellent interpersonal and verbal communication skills and the ability to generate strong and lasting relationships with our customers.  
Computer Networks
Computer Maintenance


Name : Alaedin Ibrahim Mohamed Ali

Date of Birth  :   4th January 1982

Country of Birth : Spain, Madrid

Nationality : Sudanese

Gender : Male

Marital Status : Married

I'm an IT Support Engineer with 5+ years experience, Worked with MTN Group (Sudan) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Sudan). B.Sc. holder with A+, Linux and Time Management training.

I have acquired valuable experience in all facets of troubleshooting, installations, and maintenance for various desktop\laptop operations, network connections, hardware, and software. I possess a unique talent for delivering highly complex technical information into terms and concepts that the end users can readily grasp.

I am a hard worker and a team player. I have the knowledge, skill, and desire to enhance the service of today to a 100% customer satisfaction.


- Reading

- Travelling

- Music

- Internet Browsing

- Playing Video Games

- Cooking

- Jogging


To provide an effective level of service to the Company by rectifying hardware, software and network breakdowns, undertaking planned preventive maintenance and technical support and contributing to the continual improvement process to enable the Company to meet its current goals and future objectives.

Other Information

   Currently in UAE on Visit Visa.

Speaks, writes Arabic fluently.

Strong English language, spoken and written.

Recommendation letter available from previous employer.

Driver license available.

Ability to travel when required.

Ability to work on multiple projects.

Ability to work in team.

Ability to work on tight schedule.

Ability to attend training when required.

Countries Visited: Spain, UK, Russia, Germany, France, KSA, and UAE.



- Installed network cables and switches in 2 floors (MFA)

- Backing-up all Outlook e-mails into .PST files for over 100 users. (MFA)

- Migrated domain from to for over 200 users.

- Assisted in installing YDI and TRANGO (MTN)

- Renaming and changing old IPs to new IP scheme (MTN)

- Moving over 150 PCs, Printers, Photocopiers and Servers from old location to new buildings (MTN)

- Managed and documented all IT equipment into 1 excel sheet (MTN)