Sex: Male
Nationality: Uganda
Date of Birth: 22th October 1991
Marital Status: Single

To take a more challenging vacancy in an organization which will make the best use of my studies, skills, experience and Enabling further personal and professional development that seeks excellence through practical work and thus contributing to the organization’s growth and excellence.

Work experience

Work experience

Data Processing Assistant

Nov 2014 - Feb 2016
Uganda Bureau of Statistics (Data Processing Center)
  • Key achievement: Achieved success in managing time, smartness, ability to work with minimum supervision, team work, neatness, able to enter 150 key strokes in a minute, scanning, good communication skills etc.
  • Key duties and responsibilities:Stores management, Sorting and batching, Pre-scan edit, Quality Assurance control, Data entry both manually and through scanning, Data validation etc.

Assistant Procurement Officer

Jan 2011 - Oct 2014
Land and sea construction services Ltd
  • Key achievement: Achieved success in management and accountability. Good communication, commitment, trustworthiness, time management and service delivery.
  • Key duties and responsibilities: Making purchases of daily office requirements, regular payment of bills, maintaining postage responsibilities.


Jun 2014 - Jul 2014
Voluntary Action for Development
  • Key achievement: Achieved success in community empowerment through health and sanitation,economic activities, children empowerment, HIV/AIDS counseling, team working and time management.
  • Key duties and responsibilities: Applying theory in to practice, adopting to work conditions, HIV/AIDS and STD counseling, time managing and team work.



Bachelor’s Degree in Development Studies

Aug 2011 - Jul 2014
Makerere University

Rural field research study (training) a requirement by the Makerere University Department of
Development studies, June-July 2012 Anthony zone, Mukono district

Urban field research study (training) a requirement by the Makerere University Department of
Development studies, June-July 2013 Lubaga division, Kampala district

Uganda advanced certificate of education (UACE)

Jan 2009 - Dec 2010
Kitende senior secondary school

Uganda certificate of education (UCE)

Jan 2005 - Dec 2008
Kitende senior secondary school

Primary Leaving Exam (PLE)

Jan 1998 - Nov 2004
Lake Victoria primary school

Knowledge and skills acquired


Knowledge and skills acquired

Team working and presentation skills, excellent interpersonal skills with effective communication,

Administrative skills: Organizing, Scheduling, planning, reporting and good attention to deadlines, Stores management, Sorting and batching and Pre-scan edit.

IT literacy i.e. proficient user of Microsoft office package, including word, Excel, Power point as well as other email and data entry programs, Data entry both manually and through scanning, Data validation, Scanning, Quality Assurance control,


Traveling and meeting new people, Sports i.e. athletics, football, swimming and volleyball.Current affairs i.e. keeping up to date with current/ issues mostly related to development.


Mr. Lawrence Mugula,                  Mr. DeogratiusMutyaba             Mr. DeogratiusMulumba
Programmer                                  IT Officer                                      Director Land and Sea
Uganda Bureau of Statistics         (Data Processing Center)            Email; [email protected]
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