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Work experience

Aug 2012Present

Field Application Engineer

Quixant Ltd

Providing help to customers developing systems using the Quixant platforms so they can use the system APIs to use the hardware to produce the best possible product.  When a problem comes up I help them resolve it, acting as a go-between with the driver developers or hardware engineers and the customer.  I also help provide technical knowledge in sales calls and visits with customers.

Jan 2011Aug 2012

API Analyst

Shift4 Corporation

Help customers developing credit card processing applications write code that interface to the Shift4 servers using the Shift4 API.  I also have written code that does regression testing using Selenium against new versions of the Shift4 Web Application.  I trained members of my group in how to write this code, providing documentation for the library that uses Selenium to run browsers and interact with the web site.

Mar 2009Dec 2010


Golden Shamrock Software

Independent contractor providing computer installation & repair services and as a software contractor.

Jul 2009Oct 2010

Contractor - Software Developer

Diamond Game Enterprises

Worked from home fixing bugs on an older video slot machine platform using Visual C++.  Code was developed using Windows and then transferred to the embedded environment of the machine.

Mar 2010Apr 2010

Contractor - Software Developer


Contractor to Intergraph through Technisource.  I helped them fix an application suite so it would run on Solaris 10 that previously would only run on Solaris 8, but would crash when they tried to run it on Solaris 10.  I was able to help their developer get it running by the time my contract was completed.  Worked out of the Huntsville, AL office of Intergraph.

Oct 2008Mar 2009

Technical Support Analyst

Quantum Corporation

Provided technical support to storage customer and development support to EMC.  Worked from home in Las Vegas with my manager located in the Denver area.

Feb 1995Sep 2008

Software Engineer

Sun Microsystems

Started working in the office in Los Angeles doing technical support for developer, specializing in those doing development for Solaris X86 drivers.  Helped form the Solaris X86 Sustaining group to relieve developer from doing bug fixes and releasing patches.  When that office was being moved to El Segundo in 2004 I helped design the new offices and labs, plus assisted with the move.  Afterwards I moved to Las Vegas in mid-2004 and worked 100% from home.

Oct 1978Feb 1995

Sr. Software Developer

Reynolds and Reynolds

This position I started as a Junior Programmer working for Oakleaf Corporation.  Oakleaf was bought by Convergent Technology, which was bought by Unisys, who sold our division to COIN, which was bought by Reynolds and Reynolds.  While at Oakleaf I progressed to being a Senior Programmer and was the lead developer in the group, training many of the other developers in the group as well as acting as team leader for various projects.


Dec 2010Present

ITT Technical Institute

Working towards my Bachelor degree and will complete my Associates degree in December 2012.  I have a 4.0 GPA with perfect attendance.


Web Site Design
Mostly I have done this in class at ITT, but I have also created a few personal web pages and I am currently working on a commercial web site design.
I started with a couple versions of Unix back with Reynolds and Reynolds, moved on to Solaris and Interactive Unix with Sun Microsystems, and have lately been using Linux on my personal systems.
Selenium Web Site QA Programming
I am currently doing this using Java to test the web site designs for Shift4.  I contribute regularly on the user forums and have also provided two contributions back to the source tree for the Selenium project as well.
C++ programming
Mostly I have done C++ work in embedded environments (video slots for Diamond Game) and application utilities for Solaris.
C Programming
I have been using C for at least 20 years now.  Both creating applications and library code, as well as drivers and Solaris kernel work when I worked with Sun Microsystems.
Java Programming
I have mostly used Core Java skills recently, because I am writing a lot of Selenium web site test code.


I have been looking for a position where I can once again do development full time.  Right now I have just started new position with Quixant Ltd., which is not software development, but I am helping people doing software development and will be learning how to implement Windows and Linux device drivers.  Quixant produces motherboards used in video slot machines and has customers around the world, so I am looking forward to doing some traveling as part of this job as well.


I am looking for a full time development position, preferably in the Las Vegas area, but I will consider relocation for the right position in the western US.


My outside interests are Tennis, Skiing (I am a certified alpine instructor), Fishing, Racquetball, Softball, Bike riding, Hiking, Scuba diving, and almost any other sport I can participate in.

I am also very interested in various sciences and get a few magazines like Scientific American, Science News, and Planetary Society.  I also like the combination of Science and Science Fiction in my Analog magazine.

I hope to be able to return back to college and take several science classes in topics that interest me, just for fun!