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To work in a multi-faceted job as a project manager.I see the vision and can motivate and delegate to get the task completed on time and under budget.I have the analytical side from my MBA but I am naturally creative, an unusual combination.This means I can analyze and evaluate a project and then creatively make it happen.


Team Builder /Motivator

Successfully built diverse teams leveraging various backgrounds and perspectives.My experience includes training and motivating employees to find their highest level of productivity through team building and positive measures.


Assumed leadership of a project with no team and no resources. Successfully found creative resources that contributed to success beyond targeted goal.Focused and resourceful, I can juggle many projects. I am intellectually curious with high energy and high creativity.


Took initiative to analyze project and evaluate skill set and passion of individuals. Envisioned outcome of project, broke it down into milestones and delegated tasks.

Problem Solver

Using my strong persuasive abilities, I was able to save a marketing campaign from being canceled.

I can be an agent of change for your company.By thinking outside the box, small changes can be implemented for big results

Work experience

AR Analyst/Program Trainer

Columbia Showcase & Cabinet Mfg

Hired to train project managers on new job costing software. Functioned as liaison with Project Managers & Management.Maintained database.Completed successfully resulting in job change in charge of Accounts Receivable.In 4 mos. time collected all outstandings in the amount of $1.2 Million by using innovative relationship building techniques.Satisfied all billing compliance requirements.

Jul 2007Mar 2008

Resource Partner

Harrington & Reed

Harrington & Reed, Inc. provides the critical linkage between quality opportunities and quality candidates, utilizing high-visibility approaches, proven methodologies, time-saving processes, and cutting-edge technologies, delivered by a team of experienced, knowledgeable, and caring career professionals. Our latest offering, NETVYOU (Interview Power Online), powered by internet video technology, revolutionizes how executives market themselves to employers, eliminates time-wasting in-person screening interviews, and materially reduces the employer's legal liability for discrimination in hiring. A true breakthrough and major paradigm shift in the interview process!

2002Mar 2008


Keller Williams

Found creative ways to increase personal visibility in a slow market. Strategically engaged in the local neighborhood which increased referrals and name recognition.Use integrity and knowledge as marketing tools.

Jul 2006Jul 2007

Account Manager


Was in top 12% of company for sales.Became the “go to” person for answers, trained new sales people, trained as manager. Built relationships & handled customer service solutions.

Mar 2004Jul 2006

Marketing & Customer Service


Marketed new dietary supplement by phone, Internet, and media.Personally saved contract from being cancelled by going direct to client VP and influenced him to reverse the decision made by his organization.Responsible for all billing & distributing.Responded to all customer service calls.Remained current on all FDA approval requirements

Jul 2002Jul 2004

Sales Agent

Family First Estate Planning

Sold group legal service memberships and collected data for estate plans. Responsible for compliance concerns and good customer relations. Manage new accounts to ensure proper procedures & processes are followed.


May 2004May 2006