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Marc-Oliver Lafontaine of Luxus has mastered the art of detailing the finest cars on the market today. Having earned the title of Master Car Detailer, he is well trained in techniques that ensure that your vehicle's paintwork is fully protected from harm. Marc insists on personally working on every vehicle that he is assigned, in order to ensure that his high quality standards are met. He not only cleans your vehicle, but with his keen eye for details, he goes beyond his customers’ expectations time and time again.

Luxus is a car detailing company that has been built with quality in mind. This means that they take pride in every job they do. They offer a full range of services that include antibacterial interior cleaning and paint restoration that cannot be matched in the industry. Their trained detailers work hard to ensure that your vehicle not only looks its best, but that it will also maintain its value.

Luxus Auto Care
895 Montreal Rd #2
Ottawa, ON K1K 4B9
Tel: (613) 883-5095