Hamada Owaythat

Hamada Owaythat



m.office programs

1-m.office word + m.office power point+m .office excell 2-internet programs. 3-accounting programsin palestine is:   A-alquds accounting program B-al-arabi accounting program C-oudit accounting programs D-Program reliable accounting systems


1- central election commissin,palestine, tele n:009722293229

2-mohamed abo jame:Palestinian Foreign Ministry tele:00972599604285

3-lawyer abdallah solaiman,tele:00972597125009

4-The Palestinian Centre for Peace and Democracy,ms:haneen obu sada,tele:00972597982818

5-The Palestinian Centre for Peace and democracy issues(PCPD).M.R mohammed albadan:00972597982818


1-Quest for the best in my work

2-Work hard and mastering and work under pressure

3-Integration with modernity and technological development

4-Working silently to speak everyone

5-Help my family to improve the difficult circumstances

6-The ability to configure and secure their future family

Work History

Work History
Aug 2011 - Aug 2010


contractiong company

1-i was working as Marketer in algeria from 05/2011 to 5/2012in Employed 

2-i was working as accountant in palestine  from 9/2012to 9/2013

3-i was working as superviser in Central Election Commission in Palestine 'for 2 months

4-I volunteered in the Palestinian Centre for Peace and democracy issues for a period of 8 months


Aug 2007 - Jul 2011


setif university/algeria

I studied at the university majoring Accounting, where the study was based on scientific research and the exams based on the type of study, and the study was interesting, although difficult.