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Spanish Language (Speak, Read, Write)

Relevant Skills and Experience

Medical Nutrition Therapy / Nutrition Counseling

·Ability to provide medical nutrition therapy (e.g. high blood pressure, renal, obesity, etc) and diabetes self-  

  management education to English and Spanish speaking inpatients and outpatients

·Experience providing nutrition assessments and care plans for patients utilizing enteral and parenteral      


Health Coaching

·Ability to use coaching techniques such as motivational interviewing and stages of change to facilitate    

  healthier lifestyle changes

·Experience in reviewing health data with clients as part of helping them understand their own health status

Teaching/ Presenting

·Experience teaching group nutrition classes to patient/clients in English or Spanish

·Experience developing and presenting staff training related to nutritional outcomes (e.g. anthropometrics,

  obesity, etc)

·Develop and provide community presentation on nutrition-related topics (e.g. Healthy Eating for Healthy


· Presented a review of literature in Seminar on Calorie Confusion: Portion Distortation to fellow students and

  faculty at Rush University.

·Experience creating, developing and teaching university level English curriculum (e.g. Oral English, Hotel

  English, Listening and Speaking, etc) to Chinese students at Jiang Han University (Wuhan, China) with

  varying levels of English

Developing Educational Materials

·Experience in developing public health education materials for clinic and hospital staff use at Chwele

  Friends Dispensary (Kenya, East Africa) relate to diabetes education and basic nutrition

·Development or revisions of patient educational materials for inpatients/outpatients relating to medical

  nutrition therapy and nutrition counseling (e.g. healthy fats, high fiber foods, sources of carbohydrates, etc).

Spanish Language Skills

·Advanced Spanish (ability to speak, comprehend, read and write)

·Provide customer service, nutrition counseling and nutrition coaching to patients and clients in Spanish

·Assist in the translation of health education materials, PowerPoint presentations, brochures and

  informational documents or forms

·Initiated creation of health education resource library for Spanish-speaking clients or patients in inpatient,

  outpatient and health coaching settings.

Working with diverse populations/Cross-cultural awareness

·Ability to adapt medical nutrition therapy, nutrition counseling and health coaching in a relevant manner for

  cultural population being served

·Knowledge of cultural food practices in various cultural groups represented in the U.S. (e.g. African-

  American, Mexican, Chinese, Korean, Kenyan, etc)

·Experience working with immigrant Mexican population and African-American elderly

·Experience working as a volunteer at Chwele Friends Dispensary (East Africa, Kenya) in providing individual

  and group nutrition counseling and education to families, inpatients and groups (e.g. diabetes, malnutrition,

  HIV/AIDS, etc) 


Spanish Translation



Awards and Merits

·Chicago Dietetic Association (Member: August 2011 – Present)

·Rush University Fry Foundation Scholarship (August 2011)

·Central Valley California Dietetic Association (Member: February 2010 – August 2011)

·American Dietetic Association (Member: Sept 2006 - Present)

·Oregon Dietetic Association (Member: Sept 2006 – January 2010)

·Oregon Health and Science University Center for Diversity and Multicultural Affairs Student Leadership                           Scholarship (May 2006)

·Oregon State University Mom’s Club Scholarship (May 2005)

·Oregon State University Diversity Achievement Scholarship (September 2003, September 2004 and                              September 2005)

·Minority Leadership Award by United States Achievement Academy (March 2002)


Sep 2011Present

Candidate for Masters in Clinical Nutrition

Rush University
Sep 2003Jun 2006

Major(s): Nutrition, International Studies / Minor(s): Music (Violin Performance), Spanish

Oregon State University