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Work experience

Jan 2014Dec 2014

Staff Officer 3 Operational Communication

Joint Tactical Headquarters Western Cape (SANDF Joint Ops Division)
  • Be part of the Unit Operational Training and Combat Readiness
  • Conduct Mission Ready Training to the to be deployed troops
  • Take all the operational photographs for the unit album
  • Prepare birthday wishes, get well cards for the unit members
  • Compile and maintain the Unit Calendar
  • Attend operational meetings with the other Role Players
  • Prepare for the Unit Functions and Visits by both the internal and external public
  • Keep an up to date visitors book
Apr 2012Dec 2013

Staff Officer 3/ Acting Staff Officer 2 Intelligence

Joint Tactical Headquarters Western Cape (SANDF Joint Ops Division)
  • Prepare and conduct briefing on information from the general media on local, national, continental and international matters for the Officer Commanding Daily Briefing
  • Be part of the unit Staff Council meetings
  • Assist with the unit Intelligence Operations and planning
  • Compile Intelligence Operational Reports
  • Compile the Intelligence Monthly Reports and Quarterly Reports
  • Assist The SO1 Intelligence with the running of the Intelligence Office
  • Assist the SO1 Intelligence with the budget for the Intelligence Section
May 2005Mar 2012

Battalion Intelligence Officer/ Unit Military Security Officer

3 Parachute Battalion (SA Army Conventional Reserves)
  • Compiling of the biannual Risk Analysis Work Sheet (RAW)
  • Compiling of Monthly and Quarterly Intelligence and Military Security Reports
  • Prepare for Military Security Evaluations by the higher Headquarters
  • Participate in the Military Security Evaluations by the higher Headquarters
  • Compiling of Spot Check Plans
  • Conduct Spot Checks
  • Facilitate to the troops the Military Security Awareness Programmes
  • See to it that all personnel adheres to the Military security policies and Standing Work procedures (SWP’s)
  • Keep track of all the incoming and outgoing unit correspondence
  • Open, maintain and update all unit files
  • Keep an up to date record of all the open and closed files of the unit
  • See to it that all the staffed personnel is in possession of a valid Security Clearance as per their post
  • Keep an up to date Security Clearance Register
  • Identify all Acts Endangering Security
  • Act as the Company Commander in his absence
  • Take part in Joint Combat Readiness Exercises with the other Arms of Service from the  neighboring Units
Jan 2000Apr 2005

Battalion Intelligence Officer

Blauuwberg Commando (SA Army Territorial Reserves)
  • Prepare the Troops for deployment
  • Assist in the planning of Rear Area Protection operations
  • Compile Intelligence Reports and forward them to the higher HQ
  • Assist with the Company Battle Appreciation.
  • Attend the National Key Points (Koeberg Power Station and Caltex Refinery) on behalf of the Officer Commanding
  • Attend meetings with the other role players such as the SAPS as well as Disaster Management
  • Assist the School of Tactical Intelligence with the distance learning for the Intelligence Personnel on basic intelligence courses
  • Part Take in the Disaster Management operations
  • Part Take in Anti crime operations with the SAPS
Mar 1998Dec 1999

Compound Manager

Call Guard Security Services
  • Manage the welfare of the workers within the compound.
  • Compile the Monthly Duty Roaster for the workers
  • Liaise with Branch Manager and the Area Manager on all matters concerning the workers
  • Train the workers on security related matters
Sep 1994Dec 1997

Staff Officer 3 Intelligence

Western Province Command (SA Army)
  • Create Sources for collection
  • Compile Memoranda for my collection operations
  • Part take in Surveillance operations
  • Compile Collection Reports
  • Writing of Counter Intelligence Collection Reports 
  • Briefing and Debriefing of collection sources 
  • Tasking of Collection  Personnel
  • Source and Agent Handling


Oct 2014Oct 2014

Occupational Health and Safety Representative Course

SANDF Directorate Occupational Health and Safety
Jul 2011Oct 2011

Integrated Sub Unit Commanders Battle Handling Course

SA Army Combat Training Centre (SANDF)
Oct 2010Oct 2010

First Aid Level 1 To 3

Clinical Dynamics
Jun 2010Sep 2010

Staff Officer 2 Intelligence/ Counter Intelligence Battle Handling Course

School of Tactical Intelligence
Feb 2010Apr 2010

Surveillance Squadron Commanders Battle Handling Course

School Of Tactical Intelligence (SANDF)
Jul 2009Oct 2009

ETDP NQF Level 4

SANDF College of Education and Training
Jul 2006Aug 2006

Portfolio Development Course

University of Western Cape
Apr 2004Jun 2004

Operational Photographing

School Of Tactical Intelligence (SANDF)
Jan 2004Mar 2004

Tactical Questioning

School of Tactical Intelligence (SANDF)
Jan 2002Jun 2002

Infantry Company Commanders Battle Handling Course

SA Infantry School (SANDF)
May 1997Aug 1997

SA Army Officers Formative Course

SA Army College (SANDF)
Feb 1996May 1996

Source and Agent Handling (Covert Collection)

SA Defence Intelligence College (SANDF)
Aug 1995Nov 1995

Intelligence/ Counter Intelligence Processing Part 1

Dannie Theron Combat School (SANDF)
May 1995Jul 1995

Counter Intelligence Part 1

Dannie Theron Combat School (SANDF)
Sep 1994Apr 1995

Bridging Training

Dannie Theron Combat School (SANDF)




  1. Critical thinker
  2. Realistic pragmatism
  3. Team player
  4. Ability to motivate others
  5. Ability to collaborate sensitively with others in the context of overlapping areas of responsibility
  6. Ability to interact confidently with senior executives
  7. Ability to motivate and develop staff
  8. Good interpersonal skills
  9. Good communication skills including communication with and presentations to senior executives and officials
  10. Good spreadsheet skills, numeracy, and ability to interact critically with financial models