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Ever since I was a boy I have a passion for pretty much everything with 2 to 4 wheels and a "made in Italy" label. I grew up to become a mechanical engineer and I am currently a Middle Manager at Volkswagen. Here I have gathered 10 years of experience and increased responsibility in a variety of areas within the automotive industry, ranging from Research and Development to Production.

Although my whole career up to now has been developed within the quintessential German Company - the Volkswagen Group -, I always kept a special fondness for all things Italian (I am currently learning the language). This fondness began, as with most teenage petrol-heads with my first contact with Ferrari: in my particular case, what "ignited the passion" was the cover of a car magazine with a photo of the back then brand new 288 GTO. However, after I bought my first car - unsurprisingly an Alfa Romeo - my interest soon spread out to other Italian cars and then Italian motorcycles, followed by Italian design, engineering, food, culture, etc.

After university I was fortunate enough to be offered a position in Volkswagen, where I have had so far a successful and fulfilling career, including a very rewarding international experience. Nevertheless, I believe an even higher level of fulfillment and professional excellence can be achieved, when one is emotionally connected to the output of one's work, as well as to the whole work environment. For this reason, I would consider a Management position in the Italian automotive or motorcycle industry.

Work experience


Plant Manager’s Assistant

Volkswagen Autoeuropa

IT Coordinator

Volkswagen Autoeuropa

Transition Taskforce Production Team Leader

Volkswagen Autoeuropa