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Adaptable, efficient, motivated 31 year old with a first class degree Masters in Finance & Management from the University of St. Andrews. Currently a Manager for Accenture Strategy, focussed on consulting the financial sector consulting (especially with regards to digitalizing banks) in Frankfurt.

Recent financial sector consulting history includes (among others) digital strategy development, corporate portal design, robotics process automation and fintech analysis.

Earlier financial sector consulting history: M&A-, Rightsizing- and regulatory compliance projects with a wide range of financial institutions (including one of the 2 largest German retail banks). Front-line experience managing intra-corporate political interestshigh management attention and intense oversight by regulatory authorities. Solutions implemented covered on projects included strategic, organisational and procedural aspects spanning across multiple business divisions.

Work experience

Oct 2015Present

Manager Strategy Consulting for Financial Services


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Jan 2011Apr 2011


Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (Private Equity)

Supported the investment managers and the research department in the oldest Private Equity House in Germany. This internship provided the perfect combination of a fast-paced work environment and hardworking people. In December of 2011 a target company I had worked on was successfully acquired.

  • put together presentations for internal and external audiences (i.e. other private equity houses, credit providing banks and the management of target companies)
  • created MBO models, peer group valuations and comparable transactions lists
  • wrote market, industry and competitor analyses
  • wrote company profiles and other preparatory meeting documents
  • compiled an overview of competing "100 day plans" of Private Equity houses
  • calculated KPIs for companies and industries
  • translated French and English market studies and other documents
  • compared auditing costs for all S- and M-Dax companies
Sep 2009Oct 2010

Paramedic (Sanitäter)

German Red Cross (DRK)

After attaining the required Sani A and B certificates, I worked as an unpaid paramedic for the German Red Cross when not travelling.

  • provided ambulatory medial care at community and sports events (including the Frankfurt Eintracht Stadium)
  • worked as part of a team of volunteers (e.g. constructing catastrophe relief exercises)
  • attended to volunteers donating blood and oversaw the registering of donors
  • planned a donation box system to increase revenues in conjunction with local businesses
Aug 2009Aug 2009


Cancer Research UK

Having finished my dissertation a month ahead of schedule, I decided to volunteer at a nearby charity shop. This entailed staffing the till, sorting donated items and helping customers.

  • was complemented on excellent customer service and ability to communicate in languages native to European customers
  • organised new bookshelf system for donated books to facilitate customer browsing
  • helped train replacement volunteer before my departure
Sep 2008May 2009

Night Porter

St. Andrews University

Wanting to continue working throughout university and experiencing as many different jobs as possible, I applied to be the night porter for one of the university's owned halls of residence. For three nights a week, I was the night porter to McIntosh Hall - letting in residents and keeping out unwanted guests while enjoying all the strange happenings I was witness to.

  • helped maintain security for 250 undergraduate students
  • had to call emergency responders after finding unresponsive student
  • kept orderly records of visitors to residence
  • was punctual in clocking in for work no matter the weather and never missed a day
Aug 2008Sep 2008

Work Experience

Clifford Chance

During my four weeks at Clifford Chance, I was introduced to Facility Agreements and got to grips with Islamic (non-haram) financing.

  • drafted client and mandate correspondence as well as compiled a conditions precedent checklist
  • reviewed, edited and checked various documents for accuracy
  • attended internal meetings, training sessions and assorted conference calls
  • benefited from supervision from experienced staff
  • built up close working relationships with other staff and supervisors
Jul 2008Aug 2008


Morgan Stanley Frankfurt

Spent four weeks in Morgan Stanley's Frankfurt Offices working in the Structured Retail Products department working the long hours expected of this sector.

  • compiled, edited and reviewed Excel spreadsheets
  • aided in the design of new brochures and researched new products (such as USD v. Euro)
  • helped improve and simplify the department's daily newsfeed on a major investment portal
  • trained my replacement and wrote a guide as to tasks he would assume
  • communicated with customers about potential investment opportunities
  • worked effectively as a member of multi-disciplinary team
  • gained notoriety for being the first person to eat a 1,000,000 Scoville hot sausage
Feb 2008Jun 2008

General Assistant

Blackbrook Organic Farm

Through my interest in environmental issues I managed to land a job helping out on all aspects of running an organic farm in its early stages.Though my tasks were manual, the interesting conversations I had with my employer, Mrs. Huson (a practising barrister and amazing cook), provided me with a very enjoyable work atmosphere. Weeding vegetable beds or spreading fertilizer provided a very humbling contrast to reading law books and made for very relaxing work.

  • researched types of vegetables that would harmouniously grow together
  • set up one of the first greenhouses
  • introduced the idea of University students volunteering on the farm
Jun 2008Jun 2008

Research Assistant

University of Sheffield

Selected by a University of Sheffield Law Professor to research the legislative and legal aspects of reproductive and therapeutic cloning.

  • visited over two dozen different governments' websites for original statements/positions
  • corresponded with foreign ministers, academics and NGOs
  • compiled an overview of results for use by the professor in an international conference
  • organised results of research (over 100 documents) in an accessible and comprehensible fashion
  • improved ability to use search engines, public library and university resources 
  • learned that there is a sect in America wishing to clone Jesus from the Shroud of Turin
Sep 2007Nov 2007

Forklift driver

Jumbo Supermarkten

Not being proficient in Dutch limited my choices of employment to driving a forklift at a local supermarket during the night-time.

  • befriended native Dutch and picked up a bit of Dutch language
  • responsible for organising and transporting goods to the warehouse
  • operated cleaning and recycling equipment
  • recruited and trained a friend joining me
  • co-ordinated and delegated tasks so as to meet a very tight schedule
Sep 2006Apr 2007

Junior Staff

University of Sheffield Technical Services Committee

As part of Skills for Work Certificate I decided to join the University's Technical Services Committee (TSC), responsible for setting up Union events and clubs.

  • worked as part of a team to meet tough deadlines
  • faihfully stayed until every event was cleaned up (sometimes until 7 a.m. the next day) 
  • set up some of the most successful club nights
  • met and greeted performing artists
  • received necessary health and safety training
Jun 2006Jul 2006


CMS-Hasche Sigle Rechtsanwälte Setuerberater

During an eight week period I was familiarized with the various tasks and responsibilities of a legal professional. This entailed being talked through the bread and butter of a lawyer’s trade (legal correspondence, contracts, decisions and shareholder reports) and following the course of several cases and disputes.

  • gained insight into processes behind firm's transactions and legal disputes
  • followed multimillion international real estate sale until completion
  • attended client meetings and learned importance of personal and extensive dealings with clients.
  • researched preliminary issues and drafted legal correspondence
  • had a beer with most senior partner in firm

Other Skills / Interests / Misc.

Other Skills:

- Fluent in German, English, French and Spanish

- can program HTML / CSS

- Jujitsu

- Shotakan Karate

- Taekwando

- Boxing


- paintball

- running (training for a full marathon by 2011)

- rock climbing (completed a 7a in France)

- travelling (48,000km by car in 252 days during sabbatical year)


- ran two half marathons & won 15 mile Fife Coastal Route Race in support of Lifeboats Charity

- ate the 1,000,000 Scoville units hot curry sausage (the last bite + video)

- has a 14year old cool dog (video)

- appeared in the local newspaper

Awards / Achievements


- Accenture-INSEAD Online Strategy Programme (Module 1 of 3)

- "How to make your pitch stand out to investors" by Karan Dehghani  via


- Accenture Banking Certification

- Winning team of the Startup Weekend Mittelhessen


- "15.390.1x Entrepreneurship 101: Who is your customer?" by MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) & edX

- "TW3421x: An Introduction to Credit Risk Management" by University of Delft & edX


- Six sigma green belt


- PRINCE 2 Foundation certificate

- MS Project certification


- Deutsche Bank "Meet the Challenge" Competition

- Ernst & Young Win/Win Think Social Competition 

- Full Skydiving A License

- PADI Open Water Scuba Diving License

- Paramedic (German Red Cross) A and B


- Gold (200hr) MV Volunteering Award

- Maritime & Inland sport boating pilot's licence

- Elementary Arabic Certificate

- Certificate in Career Development (Management)


- Enterprise Skills Build Certificate

- Sheffield Graduate Award

- National Finalist FLUX500 Business Competition

- Ernst & Young Sheffield Children's Hospital Top Fundraising Pair

- Winner of University Start-up Business Simulation Competition


-Skills for Work Certificate (recognition of over 100 hours spent volunteering)


-Fully clean drivers licence


-UK Senior Mathematical Challenge Silver Certificate

-Oxford Advanced Studies Program:

Creative Writing ACalculus BC: A+Chemistry: A-

-Diploma de Español como Lengua Extranjera (Nivel Superior)


-IB French B Initio: 6


Sep 2008Sep 2009

Finance and Management MLitt.

University of St. Andrews

Result: First/Distinction with MX Certificate in Career Development

Attained Grade for Taught Programme: Distinction

Attained Grade for Dissertation: 19/20 - Distinction

Dissertation Topic: Righteous Returns? Examining Sukuk and the Performance of Islamic Bond Funds

More information on the University of St.Andrews can be found under:

Sep 2005Jun 2008

LLB in European, Comparative & International Law

-University of Sheffield - LLB European, Comparative and International LawResult: 2.1 Honours with University of Sheffield Graduate Award

includes one exchange semester at:

Tilburg University August –December of 2007

Unfortunately my LLB degree has now been replaced with a four year European and International Law Course, so a course description for the E.C.I. LLB no longer exists. 

More information on the University of Sheffield can be found under:

Aug 2007Dec 2007

4 Master Law subjects & 1 UG Psychology subject

University of Tilburg

30ECTS Credits (avg. result = 8.3/10)

4 Master Law Subjects:

European Competition Law = 8.0                                            Global Justice = 7.5            International Relations in Historical Perspective = 8.5        EU as an International Actor = 9.0

& 1 Undergraduate Psychology Subject                

More information on Tilburg University can be found under:


3 summer months learning French

lnstitut Pilatre de Rozier

For three years, I spent a few weeks each summer in Metz at a school for French natives who had not passed their grade (i.e. summer school). Being the only German there meant I had to speak and write French all the time, especially as all classes were taught in French. In the end, this time was invaluable towards my passing of the French AB Initio in 2004.

Sep 2000Jun 2001

2° de ESO

International School S.E.K. El Castillo

My eighth grade I spent in a boarding school in Madrid. At first I did not really warm to the prospect of leaving friends and family, but once I had made friends with the local Spanish students, the year went by very quickly. Being one of only four non-Spanish citizens attending meant that I had to work extra hard to pass the completely Spanish taught 2° de ESO (the equivalent of eighth grade). Thanks to this year, I managed to pass the Cervantes Diploma on my first try and get a real tan for the first time.