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Work History


Purafilter-Nazareth Rd. Welford, SC

In this company I worked making filters and packing them.  Sometimes I would be on the line making filters and putting them on the conveyor.  Other days I would be on the end of the line waiting for the filters to get to my side, so that I could pack them.  I would also sometimes help put inserts on filters, and put them through a plastic machine.  When the plastic had to be changed I would help my co-worker change the plastic.  I was getting trained to be on the plastic machine.

I have worked for a short amount of time.  I began working about eight months ago.  I have been working in the manufacturing business.  I have worked making products, handling them, and packing them.  I was trained for about two weeks but I easily learned to do my job well.  I am a quick learner, it does not take me long to learn new things.

I am:


-Self motivated

-A quick learner




Greer High School

3500 E. Gap Creek Rd. Greer, SC, 29651