Luke Walsh


To provide considerable revenue growth to the employer that chooses to hire, and retain me. 


SEO/SEM provided my first opportunity to break-out of a relatively dead-end position in CPG channel management. I leveraged these newfound skills while working at Palo Alto Software, over 12 years ago, and added hundreds of thousands in value to the small company's balance sheet.

I have steadily improved upon my SEO/SEM skills throughout the last decade. This November I attended PubCon in an effort to help my company dig deeper into the potential for SEO. Also, so that I can effectively manage the development of our search-friendly WordPress plugin for Realtors.

In addition:

  • I have a strong bias towards implementation and results, not theoretical planning. Plans are important, but they must be agile, and respond swiftly to markets and customers. 
  • I have led and participated in teams of 100, 20, and a team of 2. Each team is different but one thing remains the same; always respect your teammates, and learn from them. 
  • I have displayed a history of consistent, positive results. 
  • I prefer to take calculated risks - sometimes big risks - but calculated.
  • I am not a person who feels particularly entitled to special treatment because of past performance or commitment. Every day is a new day, and my past performance is not as important as my present performance. 

Work experience

Work experience
Dec 2010 - Present

General Manager

IDX, Inc.

  • Responsible for the day-to-day operations of the business, and team of 26 employees. 
  • Product management and development scope for the new IDX Broker Platinum (Beta) product.
  • Sales management; including performance, analytics, social media, webinar, and channel development by the sales team. 
  • Support plan, and building operational scalability.
  • Direct management of offsite development, and new product spec of the SEO-friendly WordPress plugin for IDX Broker Platinum.  
  • Reports to President/CEO. 
  • Hosts bi-monthly product training webinars, writes and edits newsletter content to all client segments, manages part-time social media coordinator to ensure that the company responds rapidly to social media channels. 
  • Sometime panelist, along with CEO, for various industry events - including Inman Connect in NY and SF.  
May 2009 - Nov 2010

Director, Business Development

IDX, Inc.
  • Helped grow the business by 100%+, year-over-year, for nearly 2 years. 
  • Identified new partnership, and client positioning opportunities that delivered results. 
  • Took on additional responsibilities:
    • Including the spec, build, and management of a "critical path", SEO-friendly WordPress plugin designed to make the company more competitive in the real estate space. 
    • Spec'd, installed, and customized a public-facing knowledgebase, and then produced over 60% of the content the first year. 
    • Publish multiple blog posts and forum posts to engage with the real estate community. 
Jul 2008 - May 2009

Platform Product Marketing

Yahoo! Inc
  • Developed two MRDs to support development of Non-Guaranteed ad serving and ad exchange tools in APT.
  • Built and presented strong use scenarios to support both exchange quality product changes as well as Right Media client migration to APT.
  • Worked with Pro Services to develop detailed Brand Safety product roadmap for the Right Media Exchange.
  • Hosted an average of 5-6 Adobe Webinars/month with internal teams and external clients.
  • Wrote a focused PRD to support integration of IASH (UK) needs with need for visible site trading using Exchange UI.
  • Launched IASH channels as per Right Media product roadmap (Nov 2008 w/update release in July 2009).
  • Initiated contact with IASH 3rd party auditing group ABCe. Convinced VP International of need for contract and engagement with ABCe.
  • Liason for Exchange policy team and represented Exchange policy requests to Product Managers through the development of use scenarios and proper business context.
Jan 2006 - Jun 2008

Client Services Manager/Director

Right Media/Yahoo
  • Lead responsible for growing mid-tier publisher (10MM-500MM impressions/mo) deployment and commitment to Direct Media Exchange. Client base amounted to 80% of total volume and contribution to revenue.
  • Grew from a team of one in 2006 to five by 2008, including two hybrid Account Manager/Analyst roles.
  • Designed operational database using MS Access and later leveraged Salesforce tools to ensure that publishers were being fully deployed and proactive approach to client relations was being observed.
  • Established retention goals for team and helped them achieve average 90%+ retention of top 80% revenue contributors.
  • Helped the team grow participating exchange network revenue by approximately 10%+ monthly for more than a year.
Feb 2005 - Dec 2006

Business Development Manager

Right Media Inc.
  • Part of a small team that helped design, promote and launch Direct Media Exchange into beta as a "first-mover" Web 2.0 self-serve publisher platform.
  • Called on mid-tier publishers and beta clients in order to encourage testing and use of the Direct Media Exchange ad network management platform. 
  • Contributed blog posts, created video walk-through, and delivered on expected impression and client growth numbers.
  • Contributed feedback to product manager and development team based on beta client feedback and priority of requests.
Dec 2001 - Jan 2005

Sr. Marketing Manager

Palo Alto Software Inc.
  • Managed retail channel product launches as noted in Channel Marketing Manager role listed below.
  • Launched, designed, and managed paid search campaigns in order to balance ROAS with revenue goals.
  • Helped grow direct performance campaign revenue by approximately 20%+ per year for several years. 
  • Worked with Sr. Site Producer to track and maximize performance advertising campaigns as well as maximize site traffic conversion.
  • Managed affiliate and partners in order to maximize sales/conversion rates as well as maintain control over brand affiliation. 
Sep 1997 - Jan 2005

Channel Marketing Manager
  • Directed 3rd party sales team of 10 to ensure maximum inventory goals were being met.
  • Tracked and reported weekly channel inventory, market share, competitive results, and other metrics as part of Executive summary report.
  • Helped the company grow channels sales by 15%+ per year for almost seven years.
  • Helped the company achieved a peak channel market share of 80%.
  • Recommended to CEO and VP Marketing that the company hire a 3rd party merchandising firm in order to further enhance knowledge and exposure to the brand.
  • Provided RFP and approved creative spend to support premium branded POP materials and documentation.
  • Attended 4-5 industry events and trade shows per year in order to demonstrate new products, new product features and benefits, as well as to negotiate for inventory buy-in by leveraging a fixed quarterly budget to support channel promotions accross all retailed.
  • Met with and played golf with major CPG retail buyers, VPs, and Executives at 2-3 industry events each year.
Jan 2000 - Jan 1999

Marketing Manager

Palo Alto Software Inc.
  • Managed retail channel product launches as noted in Channel Marketing Manager role listed below.
  • Launched and tracked performance of banner as well as pre-contextual search text ad campaigns. 
  • Created press kit, invoice template, and other documentation (pitch and audience decks) in order to support advertising sales on
  • Pitched and sold advertisers such as,, WSJ, and others directly on behalf of
  • Sold an average of $20k in inventory per quarter.
  • Recommended and received formal training in DoubleClick's DFP product. 


Aug 1994 - Jul 1997

BA Finance
  • Averaged 18 credit hours per term.
  • Graduated in 3 years.
  • Worked PT off-campus for an average of 30 hours/week in order to pay for my education.
  • 100% personal financial risk (paid my own way).
  • Dean's List.





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