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BA in Communications/Journalism

AA in General Studies

Work experience


Sports Writer/Sports Information Writer

University Of West Florida-Athletics

Covered many sports games icluding mens/womens basketball, baseball, softball and even disc golf. Go to the UWF website, and look under athletics. It's written as staff writer or wire reporter, but if you would like me to send you the stories I have completed and saved I will.



The Voyager-UWF School Newspaper

Covered many sports stories. Did some features, took pictures and also covered some crime and punishment stories. The archives section of the paper is located at, and all you do is search the name "Luke Leitschuck." I have written about 20 stories for this paper.


Bruce Swain

Dr. Swain is the Head of Communications at UWF, and he's brilliant. I learned a lot from him, being that he was the toughest grader in the Com/Arts Department at UWF.

Janine Barnett (soon to be Scott)

Janine has opened her shop and business has been booming. She has 6 chairs and her salon can cater to almost any beauty need you.......need. correct

Mike/Wayne Scott Local Entrepreneurs who are brothers

Have known Mike and Wayne Scott for almost 4 years now. They have taught me very much about money management and hard work in the time I worked for them as a server. We are good friends now, and they always give me great advice and help me whenever I need it.

Very diverse fellow......


Chance at reporting live

Business cards for.........

UWF newspaper



I am open to relocate, and I am very enthusiastic and passionate about anything I put my name on. I want to make a name for myself, help others along my journey and provide for my future family. I am ready to work.

I am

    Entering this world of networking and communicating through some advice I received from my good friend Cliff Sims, lead singer of The Colour Academy. Have you heard of him? Have you heard of me?

Listen. I'm ready to meet, greet and work. I'm ready. Lord Willing, I'm able.

   I played sports and sang in choirs all my life. I was raised in the church, and I am very close with my big family. Playing sports taught me a lot about team work and leadership. Singing also taught me the same skills, but singing also took me places I had never been, like Maryland, Washington, D.C., and Paris, France.

    I received three scholarships when I graduated from high school, one for being a minority, one for my great grades and I even managed to get a scholarship for singing at Okaloosa Walton College, in Florida (used to be OWCC, a community college, but now they offer 4 year programs). I changed my major from Business, to Music and then to General Studies and finally got my AA in 2006, only to realize that I was only half way done with school.

    I was accepted into the University of West Florida shortly after I graduated, and really focused on my major, Journalism. I enjoy writing and being creative, and I like digging for stories and meeting new people. I was a part of the school newspaper, and I took almost every class you can take in the Communications building at my school. I'm ready now to apply what I have learned to a "real job," and I hope if you see something you think you could use that you reach me by phone or email.