Phillip Coates

Phillip Coates

Work experience

Work experience
Feb 1998 - Present

Director of Operations, Director of Quality, Special Projects Manager

¨Autonomously responsible for P&L performance for multi-site operations resulting in 15% profit and 20% productivity improvement while increasing on-time performance by 19%

¨Planned and directed due diligence process for new Mexico plant startup resulting in enhanced market position

¨Led Mergers and Acquisition team in the integration of a $10 million retail Thermoforming business resulting in improved regional presence

¨Developed and implemented growth plan by successfully relocating plant, revising plant layout, improving overall capacity, productivity, operational cost efficiency, reinforcing cost-reduction program and improving human capital

¨Restructured corporate Quality department by establishing regional territories which resulting in enhanced operations support.Directed this team in providing ISO 9001 certification to 10 manufacturing sites also driving results through continuous improvement performance

¨Initiated, planned and implemented successful startup of new Malaysia and Ireland plant startup resulting in an international presence to increase market share

¨Played key role on Business Unit Management Team in developing Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP).Headed directive to pilot S&OP process before rollout to 7 locations.

1996 - 1998

Vice President of Operations & Engineering

Berkley Industries LLC

¨Spearheaded the acquisition of an ISO 9001 Medical Thermoforming firm resulting in transferable sales revenue of $10 million per annum

¨Developed and executed strategic and tactical growth plans for Medical Thermoforming firm resulting in 10% increase in EBITA

¨Developed business strategy to reduce working capital by 20%.Plans include negotiating payable terms with suppliers, establishing strategic inventory levels for “A” items and initiated plan to increase receivables by providing quick pay incentives and decreasing credits by 15%

¨Defined and implemented business plan to penetrate retail packaging and electro static discharge (ESC) markets resulting in $3 million in annual sales

¨Managed capital budget process of $3 million per annum resulting in machinery and infrastructure upgrades

¨Directed productivity and lean improvements resulting in cost savings of $500,000 per annum

¨Implemented level load manufacturing process resulting in improved customer satisfaction by achieving 98% order accuracy and improving on-time performance from 70% to 95%

1994 - 1996

Engineering & Molding Manager

Orcolite Co. (a Monsanto Co.)

¨Managed engineering department in developing an automated injection molded lens process resulting in a new revenue stream for the business of new products of $15 million per annum

¨Initiate, manage, and track $1.5 million in capital budget projects per annum in support of infrastructure and manufacturing initiatives

¨Managed 24/7 injection molding, quality, coating and packaging departments resulting in $350,000 in productivity improvements and $250,000 and annual cost savings.

¨Implement self-directed work teams resulting in enhanced communications and improved safety performance resulting in two years without a OHSA recordable incident

¨Implemented automated packing line resulting in labor savings of $100,000 per annum

¨Oversaw the re-design of an automated coating line resulting in productivity savings of $300,000 per annum

¨Initiated and trained employees in SMED activities associated with the injection molding process resulting in machine setup reduction and labor savings of $300,000 per annum.

1990 - 1994

Engineering Lab Manager, Sr. Process Engineer, Sr. R&D Engineer

IOLAB Corp. (a Johnson & Johnson Co.)

¨Managed engineering lab in the development of five new products per annum and process improvements.Annual budget of $400,000 per annum

¨Wrote and submitted protocols and validations to regulatory department to support research and development projects for intraocular lens manufacturing

¨Developed water soluble wax process to eliminate ozone depleting chemicals for intraocular lens manufacturing resulting in annual cost savings of 1.5 million

¨Developed polycarbonate intraocular lens carrier fixture using lean principles to reduce in process rejects by 25% resulting in annual cost savings of $500,000

¨Developed automated intraocular lens cleaning system using lean principles to reduce in process rejects by 20% resulting in annual cost savings of $400,00

¨Headed cellular manufacturing implementation team.Initiated plant within a plant concept, resulting in modified plant layout providing flexible electrical, pneumatic and equipment installations

¨Researched, developed and implemented manufacturing process to produce PMMA compression molded lens material to support new product introductions.Received J&J Achievement Award

1986 - 1990

Principal Research Engineer, Manufacturing Research Engineer

¨Specified and oversaw installation of a 9’x12’ five axis gantry robotic system

¨Supervised Abrasive Water Jet Cutting end of arm tooling research and development projects to support machining advanced composites utilizing a gantry robot

¨Supervised Automatic Fastener end of arm tooling research and development projects to support assembling advanced composite parts

¨Headed CO2 laser end of arm tooling feasibility study to determine viability of laser machining of advanced thermoplastics and thermoset composite materials

¨Directed top secret production activities associated with machining advanced honey comb core parts in support of classified aircraft

¨Initiate, manage, track, and wrote final project reports, published in the Lockheed Technical Library,in support of research and development capital projects of $800,000 per annum

¨Received Patent for the development of a new method for attaching composite material sheets using a “Laser Tack Welding” process.


2009 - Present

Certified MBA

Western Governors University
1985 - Present

Bachelor of Science

I.T.T. Technical Institute