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Worked for Gamania Digital Entertainment as a programmer for 3 years and was graduated from Institute of Software Engineering, National Central University.

Major work at Gamania was using ASP.NET MVC framework to complete tasks that build web applications. Also had a few opportunities to join senior programmers or project managers to conduct requirement analysis as well as system architecture design, which, in my opinion, are extremely valuable experiences compared to simply coding tasks.

Aside from C# and .NET platform, I also had experience in studying and using unit testing frameworks.  I developed an Eclipse IDE plugin for my thesis project named CRUnit: CRUnit, a Capture/Replay based Unit Testing framework, which extends the JUnit framework for helping people generating test cases as well as verifying test executions.

I'm looking for opportunities where I can contribute and improve my coding experiences and skills towards problems solving or building awesome software products. Preferred framework is ASP.NET MVC but I'm also open-minded to other modern web platforms as well as mobile application development.

Work experience

Oct 2012Present


Gamania Digital Entertainment

During  my  days  at  Gamania,  I  learned  C#  and  ASP.NET  MVC  framework  from  scratch  and  had  joined  several  web-based  projects  ranged  from  internal  app  management  system,  to  global  payment  system,  to  public  commercial  websites  and  RESTful  web  services.

Here are a few projects that I had worked on:


Swapub is an app based around the concept of "bartering". Its inspiration comes from the story that started with the trading of a paper clip and ended with a house.

My contributions towards this project are using ASP.NET MVC WebAPI along with MongoDB to build a RESTful web service for the iOS / Android frontend that enables users to register account, make a wish, or make a deal with others.


WeBackers is a crowd-funding platform in Taiwan that helps people raising funds for their ideas.

My contributions towards this project are using ASP.NET MVC technologies to control the data flow in the back-end, as well as filling the required data in the front-end.


Coture is a platform which provides entertaining streaming video that targets the 18-35 generation.

My contributions towards this project are building a Push Notification system which provides the operations staff a simple user interface to send push notifications to their Android / iOS users.



Web Application Backend Development

C# with ASP.NET MVC, Web API, and so on, 3 years of experience

Unit Testing

MSTest with NSubstitute


JUnit Eclipse plugin development

Web Application Frontend Development

HTML, JavaScript with jQuery, and basic CSS with Bootstrap library

Database Systems

Mostly MS-SQL with Stored Procedures, also had a few experience working with MongoDB



Score: 970

TOEIC Writing

Score: 190

TOEIC Speaking

Score: 180