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Dynamic Senior Executive and Strategy Leader experienced at driving growth and increased shareholder value in multinational, multichannel manufacturing, sales and distribution environments. In-depth global sales and marketing expertise is combined with broad P&L management background. Astute entrepreneur and business manager with adaptive management style, who balances risk by creating and implementing the forward-thinking strategies that capture and defend market share from competitors.

Resilient decision maker with a proven track record of relentlessly pursuing, achieving and exceeding strategic objectives. Talented at leading companies through transformation to improved profitability and competitiveness in the marketplace. Directed 400+ personnel, budgets up to $120M, and 10 sales and distribution locations worldwide. MBA in Finance; BS in Electrical Engineering Technology.

Adept at building teams with a shared sense of purpose and a culture of individual accountability utilizing balanced scorecard performance measurement systems. Recognized for integrity, intelligence and ability to remain calm and focused under pressure.

Work experience

General Electric Company

Recruited by GE through the highly regarded Technical Marketing Program, followed by 16 years of increasing challenges and management responsibilities in sales, marketing, channel expansion and new market penetration initiatives.

Feb 2008Present

Executive Vice President

Fantasy Diamond/Hampden Corp

Recruited by owner to assess, and then lead turn around, of this company on the verge of bankruptcy in a down turned market dependent on discretionary consumer spending. In this highly challenged, seasonal business, Fantasy Diamond had a large debt load with major customers filing for bankruptcy, unfavorable terms and conditions with most large customers, and the banks threatening to call their line of credit.

As Executive Vice President, quickly developed turnaround strategy, refocused marketing efforts, restructured company and created financial stability. Today, while much smaller, Fantasy Diamond is positioned for continued profitable growth and share gain


Vice President and General Manager

IMC Holdings

In 2001 the Material Handling Division was the leading supplier of replacement parts for new and used lift trucks, and other in-plant industrial vehicles in North America. Its US dominance was being challenged by low priced niche US suppliers, OEMs and multiple European companies.

Within five years grew the business from $65M to $120M, and was positioned as a global player distributing product through multiple channels from 10 sales and distribution facilities located in the US, Europe, Brazil, Singapore, Mexico and Canada. The business was sold for a significant market premium in 2007.

Developed and implemented strategies focusing on global acquisitions, lower purchasing costs, high quality manufacturing, new channel development and price point restructure. Led overall operations, sales and marketing, and manufacturing activities.


Director of Sales and Marketing

IMC Holdings

Recruited by IMC Holdings to build cohesiveness and resolve post-merger sales and marketing barriers and client confusion following acquisition of largest US competitor (LPM). While the two businesses were equal in size, marketing and distribution strategies were opposite - strong brand with limited distribution versus generic brand with open distribution.

Created customer-focused sales environment based on overall business performance that eliminated internal infighting. Incorporated balanced scorecard performance measurements.


Branch Manager

GE Supply

Promoted to P&L control for this 35-person $51M branch of this $1.4B distribution company. Active participant in process development and asset management, while focusing on development and implementation of strategic plans aimed at growing share in the commercial and industrial markets, specifically factory automation.


Product Manager

GE Supply

Recruited by VP of Marketing, GE Supply to grow industrial market share as Marketing Lead for a $230M product line for 120 retail branches. Developed and integrated business model of an industrial distributor and introduced new products and programs into the distribution channel. Maintained close ties with GE manufacturing business. Outperformed industrial market by 6% over a two-year period.


Manager OEM Sales

GE Electrical Distribution and Control

Following merger of two GE businesses (Control and Electrical Distribution), asked to transition and rationalize 44-person OEM sales force for this $1.2B operation. Drove channel expansion from construction only to include industrial markets. Developed tactics to implement go-to-market strategy resulting in annual sales growth of 11%.


Manager Market Development

GE General Purpose Control

Drove new business creation through channel expansion, engineering specification at end users, and development of new JV partners. Added WW Grainger to traditional distribution channel increasing annual sales $7M.


Sales Engineer

GE Motors

Managed $7M sales package selling direct to OEMs and through distribution. Received highest sales award as a “Top Performer” for sales achievement over a sustained period of time.




DePaul University

Electrical Engineering Technology

University Of Dayton