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Drivers Licences
Class 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6L, F
MS Office
The use of MS Office software such as Excel, Word, Publisher, Access and PowerPoint.
Cisco IT Essentails
Currently studying.
Cisco Network Principles
Currently studying.

Work experience

Nov 2012Present


Arnotts NZ Ltd

As a merchandiser my role is to keep the stores shelves full of our products and looking good. Also stock rotation and date checking is a big part of my job. It is a repetitive job and requires the ability to maintain a high standard. The hours I work are 5 am to 7 am Monday to Friday.



Tasman Marine

I started at Tasman Marine as an apprentice and gained my qualification 2009. While I was there I did general mechanical work and interacted with customers. Time management and an eye for detail along with being able to deal with customers were the key skills involved with this role.



Magon Marine

I did work experience at Magon Marine whilst attending a course at WITT. At the end of the course I secured an apprentice position. Shortly after I started, Magon Marine was brought out by Tasman Marine Ltd.


Lance Corporal - Driver

New Zealand Defence Force (Army)

My time in the Army developed a number of my skills including leaderships, interpersonal communications, teamwork, time management and perseverance to name just a few. As a driver I had to work to a deadline, work as a team and individual and problem solve issues as they arose. As a Lance Corporal I was 2nd in command of a section of soldiers. I had to be able to work under high amounts of stress and pressure and maintain my sections morale and well being through good interpersonal skills and disciple. Also in my time as a Lance Corporal I was appointed to Commanders Driver. This position was mainly focused on how to conduct myself around the heads of the Defence Force and making sure the needs of the Commander were seen to on time and without hassle.

During my time in the Army I deployed to the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt  as part of the Multinational Force of Observers. My primary role was as a driver to deliver supplies to outpost and my secondary role was to observe the peace treaty terms between Egypt and Israel.


Feb 2012Present

Diploma in Information and Communications Technology


Certificate in Computing and Information Technology (Level 5)      2012

Certificate in Computing and Information Technology (Level 3)      2012



National Certificate in Motor Industry (Trailer Boat Systems Engineering (Level 4)


National Certificate in Adult Education and Training (Level 4)


National Certificate in First Line Management (Level 4)



Rod Magon

Nicole Hunt