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Luke Platts

I'm passionate about getting results and thrive on market challenges, Irrespective of how large or small

  • Bunbury. Australia, WA
  • 0476 238 332


Organisational & Planning

Focus oriented: As an individual I can focus on a certain goal that I wish to achieve. Then alienate myself from any distractions in between.

Prioritization: I can prioritizes activities in a way that synergizes the effect in a fruitful manner.I would effectively  put forward smaller milestones and prioritizes efforts accordingly.

Advanced Computer Skills

Computer operations & concepts: Can use a wide array of  software features for microsoft word, spread sheet software like microsoft excel, powerpoint, internet, Email, graphics and multimedia

Have intermediate knowledge of Building a website & using photo editing software

I'm an excellent typist i can type quickly and without error most of the time


Individually focused coaching: To coach your team, focus on interpersonal skills and interactions instead of on individual development

Team Dynamics

Key points: Effective working relationships are built by understanding team members therefore working in a team you need a can do attitude.

Individual development: Be supportive of each individual team member if they require help to learn new skills, so that they can meet team expectations


I'm writing to apply for the position
I am confident that my skills are well-aligned with the role, and that I would be an excellent fit for your

Having worked as both an assistant floor manager and a day filler, I bring to the table a breadth of
experience, versatility, and insight.

I believe these qualities would make me a valuable addition to the team
My knowledge of the retail industry is comprehensive and current

While working as an assistant floor manager at big w i was responsible for a few departments
My enthusiasm and commitment to excellence have served me well

I have extensive experience with customer service, having had the chance to significantly develop my customer skills while working in the retail industry

I believe my experiences and track record make me an excellent fit for this opportunity

I have enclosed my resume for your consideration

Please feel free to contact me via phone or email at a time of your convenience to discuss my background
as well as the requirements for the role

Ur's Sincerely