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Big Data Developer, LLC 



 University of Connecticut


Luke Lonergan knows business well and he has proven it through his nearly three decades in a number of Management positions at several highly progressive companies. Aside from his motivational leadership, Luke Lonergan has proven himself to be a genuine whiz at: scalability, Agile Methodologies; Architecture; Integration; Data Warehousing; Product Management; SOA; Software Design; Database Design; Analytics. Luke co-founded the big data analytics company Greenplum, which is based in San Mateo, California. Greenplum is the result of the successful merger between two smaller firms namely, Metapa in Los Angeles and Mr. Lonergan’s own Fairfax, Virginia-based Didera, Inc. Before the merger with Metapa, Didera had already established itself as a company whose mission was to close the gap between development and deployment scale database systems in a timely, repeatable and cost-effective manner. Didera had already been providing customizable information delivery on the Internet, in the laboratory and in the enterprise.

Luke Lonergan and his counterpart at Metapa announced at the merger that Greenplum had a total funding of $20 million. Greenplum was able to release its database management system software Bizgres in April 2005. The company accumulated customers in vertical markets including Internet, transportation, retail, telecommunications, financial services, and pharmaceuticals industries. Greenplum also released several other products including Chorus, Greenplum Database and Data Science Labs. Its customers included the who’s who of a wide range of markets and only some of them were Tagged, Silver Spring Networks, China Unicom, Zions Bancorporation, Havas Digital, Reliance Communications, Orbitz, and NYSE Euronext.

Luke Lonergan has a genuine knack for making businesses rise rapidly in the industry. He unselfishly lends his expertise to help others succeed on their own. During the O’Reilly Media Strata Conference on February 28, 2012, Luke spoke about the potential for Big Data to change the way business interacts with people via his talk 5 Questions about Big Data - Jazz or Classical?