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It all started with Lego's at the tender age of 4. Learning myself to draw, designing cars at age 7 and deciding to become an architect at age 9, not having the slightest idea what the word architecture meant.

I picked up my boyhood dream after school, studying architecture at TUT, finishing my 1st year and realizing I'm not mature enough to take it through and become what that 9 year old boy envisioned. I wanted to see the world and came across Marbella Design Academy, in Andalucia, Southern Spain. Here i lived for 11 months studying Furniture design along with the basics of Graphic design. I managed to finish my 3 year course in that 11 months and went back to South Africa.

Back home in '08, is worked under Pierre du Plessis as his stylist assistant. Here I worked on many diffirent campaignes, Amstel, SABC 2, ES Games Medal of Honour, Salvation Army, Nandos, to name a few. I assisted Pierre in soursing props for the shoots, dressing models as well as the sets we shot. After this an opportunity arised and I was employed by Balthi du Plessis and Associates as a furniture design consultant and project manager. Here I designed the "Afrikaans museum", the first in its kind in the world. I was responsible, for the interior layout, graphical layout of all the information in the exhibition and seeing the whole project through. This brought me into partnership with Balthi, where we started a furniture and exhibition design company. In early '09 got a job opportunity to work for an advertising agency and due to different visions between me and Balthi, I was soon working for the advertising company.

In accordance to the '09 recession the company didn't hold to its past successes and soon I was working by myself. This gave birth to Lukratif, the Profitivity Creatable. Lukratif is where furniture concepts are born along with graphical elements that breath live into any space they are invited to. Along with Lukratif comes "Udonmatr" and the "I give a Buck" campaign. Udonmatr is my own t-shirt brand and "i give a Buck" is a campaign I set to assist people like myself in this recession era.


People's life stories Art Brit Coms

Relationships Music of any kind and origin

Rock climbing  FMX Magazine ads

Long boarding Movies

Food  photography  Landscapes



Finding solutions through design. Behind all my work you'll find stacks of papers with drawings, physiological observations, pictures and lots of names and graphical designs describing the project to myself. I love a well thought through project, not just being aesthetic but functional and inspiring as well. Each piece I work on must greet the viewer/customer/consumer with a question, a reason why they are taking more time looking and inspecting this object, than any other in the surrounding space, my work is a point of intrigue.


My time at Marbella design Academy was crowned with best furniture design student '06/'07.

'09 I have been selected along with 12 other up and coming designers by Brainstorm magazine to create next years magazine calander.


Beatrice Celestin

Studied with Beatrice at the MDA, was a major influence with graphic design.

Sally Blacksaw

Learned me to perfect every project unto the last detail.

Kenneth Godfrey

Was resposible for my technical understanding of furniture construction.


Exhibitions + Graphics

College portfolio



Work experience

Advertising and Production Manager

AVISA Projects

Headed the team consisting of sales and design. Head of concept development and structuring of marketing campaigns. Responsible for all graphic design in each project.

Head of design

Balthi du Plessis and Associates

Responsible for graphic design for exhibitions and the installation there of.

Head of the shopfitting and furniture factory.

3d redering/graphic designer


Freelance work for Amourie Daubern, creating the companies presentaions and walkthroughs.

Stylist assitant

Redhot Ops

Assisting Pierre du Plessis in photoshoots.

Consisting of dressing models, picking prices for competitions, custom making props



Pantone sketching presentation
AutoCAD architectural destktop
Adobe Photoshop CS2 CS3
PC platform
Mac OS 11 platform
Adobe Illustrator CS2 CS3