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Personal Information


Lukas Cornelius du Plessis

Contact Details

Email: [email protected]

Cell: (27) 83 488 9331

Work: (27) (21) 407 2494

Fax: (27) (21) 407 2554


My career started off as a Remuneration Specialist in 1994 and after 15 years I have obtained an in dept knowledge of how reward and HR strategies have a direct impact on an organisation’s bottom line. I have successfully implemented various reward strategies whereby the return on investment could be measured through a post implementation review within 18months after implementation.

My competitive advantage is supported by 6 years of independent consulting, in debt knowledge of share / stock options driving retention and shareholders growth, the integration with finance and corporate governance (company secretarial)

Education & Qualifications

1987: Matriculation – Welkom Gimnasium, Welkom, South Africa

1991: Bachelor degree in Human Resource Management, majoring in Statistics, Business Economics & Business Psychology

(University of Free State, South Africa)

1992: Honours Statistics (University of Free State, South Africa)

1998: Operational Management Development Programme (University of Cape Town, South Africa)

Employment History

Company Name:

Woolworths (Pty) Ltd South Africa


September 2006 - current

Post Held:

Head: Remuneration, Information & Services (HR Leadership Team)

Company Descriptive:

Founded in Cape Town in 1931, Woolworths, today recognised as South Africa’s leading retail brand, marked its 75th birthday in October 2006. A household name throughout Southern Africa, Woolworths sells a wide range of products including food, clothing, beauty, homeware and more under its own label in some 300 stores nationwide as well as through franchise partners in Africa and the Middle East. Woolworths owns Country Road in Australia.


  • Implemented a Black Employment Employee Share Ownership Scheme (ESOS): July 2007,
  • Implemented 3 new management share schemes (Share Appreciation Rights, Long Term Incentive & Deferred Bonus Plan): July 2007,
  • Redesign the Store Manager Gain Share Scheme: August 2007,
  • Redesign Corporate Short Term Incentive Scheme: August 2007,
  • Convert 4000 management employees to a Total Cost of Employment (TCoE) remuneration approach in September 2007 (Saving to company = R25m over 5 years),
  • Giving 3000 employees access to more Woolworths’ benefits & remove status linked benefits: September 2007,
  • Outsourced Company Vehicles to ABSA Bank: September 2007,
  • Implement an integrated reward strategy: March 2008,
  • Published Remuneration Handbook: March 2008,
  • Implemented leave self service: July 2008,
  • Design & implemented business intelligence strategy: July 2008,
  • Uplift standards of paper submission to RemCom – August 2008,
  • Implement pay for performance: October 2008
  • Develop holistic reward framework to support the retention strategy: March 2009,
  • Merge Provident Fund with Group Retirement Fund: July 2009 (saving to company = R1m),
  • Merge FEO Fund with Group Retirement Fund: July 2009,
  • Change funding of funeral cover funding & increase benefit to employees (saving to company = R650k),
  • Capping of non statutory leave: July 2009 (saving to company = R20m over 5 years),

Member of:

  • Woolworths Group Retirement Fund Trustee (Employer elected trustee),
  • Wooltru Healthcare Fund (Employer representative),
  • ESOS Trustee (Employer representative),
  • Distribution of Death Benefits Committee (Employer elected trustee),
  • Healthcare Subcommittee ( Employer representative),
  • Tax Committee (Employee tax representative)

Company Name:

Self Employed


April 1999 – August 2006

Post Held:

Remuneration & Benefits Consultant

Company Descriptive:

In April 1999 I started independent remuneration & benefit consulting with the primary focus to diagnose, advice and develop remuneration and benefits structures for companies in South Africa. The challenge was to customise these strategies to organisations goals & strategic drivers. Services offered were:

  • Reward strategies,
  • Long & short term incentives schemes,
  • Remuneration approaches and the application thereof,
  • Benefit structuring,
  • Job evaluation methods & application,
  • Training: Management of remuneration,
  • Pay curve analysis & budget annualisation.

Achievements (companies obtained as clients):

  • SA Rugby (Implementation of a remuneration strategy for office based staff),
  • Media24 (Retained client from April 1999 to June 2006: Media24 outsourced the Management of Remuneration)
  • Maskew Miller Longman – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation,
  • Juta & Company – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation,
  • Touchline Media – Salary benchmarking
  • Capespan – Salary benchmarking, remuneration strategy & job evaluation)
  • Intervid SA – part of turnaround strategic team of consultants
  • Achievement Awards – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation
  • Capitec Bank – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation
  • V & A Waterfront – Salary benchmarking & short term incentive scheme
  • Independent Newspapers – Job evaluation
  • Levi Strauss – Advice on best practices
  • Galaxy Jewellers – Remuneration approach, job evaluation & training
  • Kauai Juice – Remuneration strategy
  • Premier Fishing – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation
  • Paarlmedia – Salary structuring & job evaluation
  • Premium Ideas – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation
  • Virgin Active SA – Salary benchmarking & job evaluation
  • Pep – Commission scheme for store managers
  • Parliament Services – Remuneration strategy

Member of:

  • Remuneration Committee of the Perishable Produce Export Control Board of South Africa (PPECB)
  • Remuneration Committee of Kauai Juice

Company Name:

Naspers Pty (Ltd)


November 1996 – March 1999

Post Held:

Senior Remuneration Specialist

Company Descriptive:

Naspers is a leading multinational media group, incorporated in 1915 as a public limited liability company and listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in September 1994. The company also has an ADR listing on the London Stock Exchange (LSE).

Over the past two decades the group has evolved from a traditional print media business in one country, to a broad-based e-media company in multiple markets.

The group’s principal operations are in internet platforms (focussing on commerce, communities, content, communication and games), pay-television and the provision of related technologies and print media (including publishing, distribution and printing). Most of Naspers’s businesses hold leading market positions.

The group’s most significant operations are located in South Africa and elsewhere in Africa, China, Central and Eastern Europe, India, Brazil, Russia, Thailand and the Netherlands.


  • Development of a remuneration policy. This included diagnoses and analysis made re the current remuneration methodology. Driving last mentioned phase was continuous benchmarking of the remuneration practises which incorporate all company benefits, including company pension and medical aid schemes.
  • New HR policies: management of remuneration
  • Intranet site,
  • Customized incentive schemes for subsidiaries,
  • New integrated HR and Payroll system,
  • Productivity reports,
  • Shares to employees

Company Name:

Shoprite & Checkers


Jan 1994 – October 1996

Post Held:

HR Officer: Remuneration

Company Descriptive:

The Shoprite brand is one of the leaders in South African food retailing. Its operational strategy put the Shoprite brand in an excellent position to expand into the African market outside of South Africa where its population has grown from one store in Lusaka, Zambia in 1995, to 70 stores in 16 countries today. The South African operation comprises 301 Shoprite stores.


  • Compiling of productivity reports,
  • Wage negotiations,
  • Annual increases for management,
  • Incentive bonus payments,
  • Loans as financial assistance to employees,
  • Bursaries,
  • Provident and pension fund,
  • Relocation and transfer of employees,
  • Executive buying cards.

Company Name:

Faculty of Military Science


June 1993 – December 1993

Post Held:

Junior Lecturer: Statistics

Company Descriptive:

The Military Academy is situated in Saldanha-Bay on the west coast of South Africa and operates under the title: Faculty of Military Science of the University of Stellenbosch.


  • Compiled a course module in accordance with the standards of the University of Stellenbosch,
  • The prescription of text books that covered and described the course,
  • Scheduled classes as well as tutorial classes,
  • The preparation of test examination and supplementary papers,
  • The evaluation of last mentioned as well as the determining of the year mark.


(South Afican Reward Association – 2008 Strategist Finalist)


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