Honestly, I am a new version of my parents with a mix of bad and good qualities they have. I was grown alongside a big businessman - my father and an amazing artist - my mother. They taught me all the basics I needed to start my own journey and keep supporting me even if I do not have a time to call them more than once a week. (does not count for a work calls :))

I have a passion for a new technologies, nano-tech especially, that is why I am a project manager of pureSPACE Solution, I participate in a national project Czech is Nano and write a blog about a Third Industrial Revolution, new latest-technology driven products and other amazing stuff (english version in preparation).

There is a lot of projects I would like to realize, but I will stick with the biggest project - my family.

I have established a CAMAXIS firm with my father and currently I am helping my stepfather with his own company.

born 01.06.1992, in a relationship

Work History

Work History
2014 - Present

Co-founder, Sales & Marketing Manager

Camaxis, s. r. o., Louny, Czech Republic

I am one of the four co-founders of our family company, my main duties are dealing with the customers and fulfilling their needs. Camaxis is a very specialized company in the field of industry, we specialize in moulds for vibro-pressing production process from initial design to actual production. I am also responsible for all marketing and sales ideas. Their implementation and accomplishment is one of the most challenging things I have ever faced.

2014 - Present

Sales & Business Manager 

pureSPACE Solution, nanoSPACE s. r. o., Prague, Czech Republic 

Innovative project that I lead - we are focused on delivering nanotechnology experience to our customer houses, we create hypoallergenic spaces-great solution for allergic people! My main duty is to work on strategic and daily-based objectives to make the business going. I have learnt that no cookie is for free-you have to give a big effort to a launch of progressive business.

2013 - 2014

Project Manager

European Values Think-Tank, Prague, Czech Republic

I was responsible for team leadership, project management and other things related. My job was to make sure that we meet all the deadlines in time, that project assistants and trainees do their job well, that we meet all the requirements set up in the agreements with EU and CZ institutes and to communicate with all the suppliers and partners we had. It was a strong experience - I learnt how a non-profit organization works and how to make sure that everybody work seamlessly.

2012 - 2013

Customer Care and Sales Service

STARJOBS Praha, s. r. o., Prague, Czech Republic

I had to deal with customer issues at the Cinema City cinemas in Prague. My responsibility was to be sure that all the viewing rooms are clean and in a good working condition (including temperature and other things), check customers tickets validity. This was my very first experience in sales & customer care services.

2011 - 2011

CPM Operator

KB-BLOK s. r.o., Postoloprty, Czech Republic

This was actually the job that helped me a lot in the past year, I have used a lot of my experience from the KB-BLOK, where I was the chief operator of a whole production line. I learnt a complete process of concrete products production from a raw material purchasing to actual customer delivery.


2015 - Present

Master's degree

University of Economics Prague, Faculty of Economics

Economic Policy

2012 - 2015

Bachelor's degree

University of Economics Prague, Faculty of Economics

Political economy



Jakub Janda, Deputy Director, European Values Think-Tank, +420 775 962 643,

"I have worked with Lukáš for over a year and I can strongly recommend his work attitude and tireless efforts he puts in things he belives in. During his work for European Values Think-tank we have stayed up for countless nights as we were preparing project documentation or implementation of our programmes. Lukáš has also coordinated several interns and staffers during that time, proving his independent decision-making to be indispensable. 
I am glad to be availabe for any personal reference on his profile."


Jiří Kopal, Director, MANOFI, +420 775 067 108,

"Lukáše jsem poznal nejprve při práci na neziskových projektech, kde exceloval svým nasazením již jako student prvního ročníku VŠE a poté jako dynamického spoluzakladatele společnosti CAMAXIS. S tou jsem měl tu čest spolupracovat na značce i propagačních materiálech pro zahraniční veletrhy. Lukáš v dnešní "soft době", kde si všichni omluví navzájem svoji nedůslednost či "zasekanost", neopovrhuje starými dobrými principy hard managementu. Proto pod jeho vedením i díky přímé komunikaci o prioritách odsýpají projekty jako švýcarské hodinky a směřují k jasným a měřitelným výsledkům v omezeném čase. Lukáš je navíc schopen velmi flexibilně komunikovat s českými i zahraničními partnery a plnit jejich očekávání při realizaci náročných zakázek inovativního projektování a modelování 3D forem v průmyslové výrobě. "



Project Management

Business Planning

Customer Relationship

Production Process Management