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  • English interchange in Toronto, Canada (2001);
  • Portuguese (Native), English (Full Professional Proficiency); good communication in Spanish (on-going studies);
  • I have attended to many trainings as an independent consultant on competitive intelligence, market prospection and marketing methodology.


  • Master degree in competitive intelligence;
  • Apply my experience in market intelligence in other sectors of the economy;
  • Invest in technical training, behavioral and other languages;
  • Publish + 1 book;
  • Invest in management knowledge e innovation, new technologies, competitive intelligence;
  • Participate in conferences and seminars as lecturer;
  • Continue as volunteer at Junior Achievement;



  • Enterprising vision and high capacity to transform projects into business;
  • High ability to develop market research for decision making;
  • Excellent practical and theoretical knowledge in competitive intelligence and process mapping for business-oriented decision making;
  • High capacity to manage groups/activities and to extract decisions problems that involve market and taking decisions;
  • Broad experience in market studies using secondary, primary research and market prediction techniques;
  • Solid experience in products and services marketing management;
  • Broad context vision of the organizational plans and strategies;
  • Experience in identifying “key-problems” in all instances of the organization;
  • Recognized capacity of leadership;
  • Team work and group management;
  • Highly compromised with values, ethical and moral principles;
  • Excellent personal relationship in all levels of an organization.


  • I have developed the products and service marketing mix in the segment of interactive technologies to create communities of practice (COPs);
  • I have built up several studies to determine demand for interactive technologies, considering the 50 largest companies (national and international)
  • I have pioneering implemented the first Competitive Intelligence area in an educational institution (5000 employees;
  • I have applied methods for mapping the strategic decision making process of the organization (only board) with execution and recommendations in 30 corporative  projects (mostly confidential ones);
  • I have actively taken part of kick-off meetings, coordinating and building-up solid recommendations in strategic market studies for this institution, which have been carried out both internally and along with suppliers, as well as following-up the decisions impacts and results;
  • I have built up a model to monitor the main variables of the education market in order to identify business opportunities and threats, trends and changes in the consumers’ purchasing behavior.
  • I have built-up several geo-marketing studies meant to create a reference bank for products and services portfolio decision-making processes, consumers purchasing behavior analysis and, most of all, new business units’ definition.
  • I have structured a model to monitor the competition activities in order to allow the institution to understand the market;
  • I have coordinated the marketing proposition that has originated a statistical model to monitor 80% of the institution’s investments in communication;   
  • I have implemented a competence development model in the competitive intelligence area;
  • I have co-authored the book “Marketing: Teoria e Prática” (free translation: Marketing: Theory and Practice), which has been published by SENAC Publishing Co. In this book I have shared my great deal of experience in competitive intelligence and market analysis;
  • I am guest professor at FIA/USP for special topics as competitive intelligence, learning organization and communities of practice;
  • I am lecturer in events talking about competitive intelligence and marketing services.


Aug 2006Aug 2008



My monograph aimed to serve as reference for companies that are either facing difficulties in innovating or that need to rethink their current innovation model, so that they can become familiar with the new model of open innovation and collaboration networks.To prove this thesis, three success companies from three different market segments are studied to check how the recommended practices of these models are adjusted to the reality of these organizations that have in one end the need to maximize value for customers and stakeholders thru innovations and on the other side worries about confidentiality and competitors. 

Work experience

Dec 2009Present

Manager of Business and Marketing Mix

Sábia Experience
  • Business model and marketing mix development;
  • New business and identify business opportunities;
  • Marketing services to the economy of experience;
  • Competitive intelligence and trends;
  • Innovation, knowledge management, technology and entertainment applied in the construction of new business platforms for creating communities of practice;
Jan 2004Aug 2009

Competitive Intelligence Manager

  • Assistance to the directive board on strategic decision making processes related to market analysis;
  • Offering a consultancy on marketing, market analysis and product positioning to all levels of the organization;
  • Management of market monitoring projects (trends), projects on-demand, market information reservoir;
  • Team work management
Apr 2002Apr 2004

Marketing and Communication Coordinator

  • Management of marketing and advertising campaigns for a 300 branches idioms franchising;
  • Market opportunity studies for opening up new branches;
  • Marketing and merchandising actions planning along with company’s president;
  • Development of marketing material for the branches.
Apr 1999Apr 2002

Assitente de Marketing

  • Conception and execution of marketing and communication campaigns;
  • In charge of the website visual communication and contents;
  • Conception of customer relationship campaigns;
  • Assistance on composing the marketing mix.