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Work experience

Sep 2008Present

Director of Sales & Marketing

Noisemaker Media, Inc.

  • Built sales and marketing division in order to secure new busienss for Noisemaker Media, Inc.
  • Developed marketing collateral and branding materials to facilitate sales efforts
  • Managed a team of sales professionals to ensure effective pipeline management and sales execution in order to meet revenue targets
  • Responsible for negotiations of high-value contracts and ensuring customer satisfcation
Jun 2011Present

Account Executive - Collaboration Software Solutions

IBM Corporation
Aug 2007Sep 2008

Services & Solutions Sales Executive

Xerox Corporation
  • Tasked to sustain business and uncover new opportunities within the largest global publishing and advertising firms in the world with a yearly revenue expectation in the millions
  • Repaired a tumultuous relationship with Random House en route to renewing a $1.2M contract consisting of hardware and services.
  • Uncovered sustainability-related opportunities at Random House and Hearst Corporation, collectively valued at $2M+
  • Uncovered a mailroom / print shop opportunity at Random House with an approximate value of $7M
  • HAPA participant (Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement)
Aug 2003Jun 2007

Output Management Sales Specialist

IBM Corporation
  • Tasked to sell IBM Printing Systems hardware, software and services to all financial firms in the New York City metropolitan area, including Fortune 500 Wall Street firms and smaller rapid-growth financial companies.
  • Articulated IBM Printing System Division’s solutions to customers and the unique value that those solutions bring to their enterprise.
  • Exceeded quota since 2005 generating over $5M in revenue to the division.


Sep 1999May 2003

Bachelor of Science

Penn State University

Opened in 1999, the College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) is Penn State’s visionary response to the rapidly growing need in almost every field for leadership in information sciences and related technologies.

I was personally drawn to IST because of my affinity for computer programming. Although my interest in technology was inherent, I also knew that I wanted to impact the world beyond just "building" or "designing" information technology.

Upon my recruitment to Penn State, I discovered IST as a brand new, cutting-edge program that would allow me to take my interest in technology and combine it with my interpersonal skills in order to understand the full spectrum of how technology could impact society as a whole.


Paul Horn

I worked for Luis while we were both active in Penn State's College of Information Sciences and Technology (IST) Alumni Society. Luis was our esteemed inaugural President and wasted no time in structuring the committees and guiding each of them to overachieve. While I was the Prospective Student Committee Chair reporting directly to him, Luis painted pictures with words that enabled my success while effectively mobilizing and motivating other members of the society to exceed their respective goals.

In addition, Luis managed the relationship between The College of IST and the Alumni Society, politically positioning the society with the IST Advisory Board's goals and objectives. I found that aspect of his tenure as president particularly valuable because it taught me to consider all of the players involved in achieving the goals at hand beyond just the immediate team.

If you're looking for someone who can manage and lead a team to deliver results quickly, look no further than Luis.

Mike Piazza

I worked with Luis in an assignment to support one of the largest publishing houses in the world.  Never had I seen a sales person navigate more rapidly through an account's politics in order to turn around a strained customer relationship en-route to securing significant hardware and services business. In particular, I recall when he orchestrated a customer briefing from developing the messaging, prepping all of those involved, all the way down to ensuring the pastries and coffee stayed warm. Luis leveraged his interpersonal skills, common sense and business acumen to turn a negative into a positive.

Simply put, Luis is excellent in front of customers and that is where the rubber meets the road!

James B. Thomas

From the very beginning, Luis stood out from the crowd as someone who would always be successful... with his team, family, company -- whatever or whoever he was engaged with.

Before even completing his first semester, he became a proven leader among his peers and a trusted liaison between the college and its students. By his junior year, I personally invited him to accompany me to the Pennsylvania State Senate to appear before the budget committee for state funding. His testimony exceeded all expectations. His impact was significant. Success comes naturally for Luis and the speed at which he achieves is noteworthy. It's not luck but it's his passion, dedication, and leadership that make it a certainty.

Jean Cadena

Luis is a very resourceful self-starter. He demonstrated it during his tenure as Director of Community Outreach for Xerox's Hispanic Association for Professional Advancement (HAPA). He sets up ambitious goals and creates a plan to execute and achieve them.

I consider him a very smart, self motivated and a likable person. He is a team player and I would highly recommend Luis for any position that requires innovative thinking, results focus, multicultural background and integrity.

Social Networks

Volunteer Work

Extracurricular Leadership

  • Past President-Advisor for IST Alumni Society (Current)
  • Member of the Penn State University Alumni Council (Current)
  • President & Co-founder of IST Alumni Society (2003 – 2006)
  • Past President-Advisor for IST Student Government (Senior Year)
  • President of IST Student Government (Junior Year)
  • Vice-President of IST Student Government (Sophomore Year)
  • Co-Founder of IST Student Government (Freshman Year)
  • President & Co-Founder of IST Interest House (Freshman Year)

Sales Skill Set

  • IBM Signature Selling Method
  • Target Account Selling (TAS): Create and Win™
  • Client-Centered Selling
  • Business Engagement Strategies and Tactics (BEST)
  • Value-Driven Negotiating
  • Third-Box Thinking™
  • Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt
  • Bilingual: English & Spanish

IBM Sales Award


We are living in challenging times that require new levels of innovation never before required in business. I believe a modern-day sales professional must possess the ability to see the turmoil that the economic recession has caused in the market place, not as an insurmountable challenge, but as an opportunity to drive new kinds of successes. Businesses are looking for new ways to both cut costs and attain growth as the economy becomes increasingly global and environmentally conscious. I welcome those challenges and look forward to demonstrating value by leveraging my skills and experiences to positively impact both the bottom line of the organization I represent as well as the customers I support.

Career Focus

ConsummateSalesProfessional with 10yearsofrelevantexperiencegrowingexistingbusiness, prospecting&developingnewbusinessinordertooverachieverevenuegoals

Awards & Honors

  • First-ever Alumni Contribution Award-Winner for philanthropic and volunteer service (2008)
  • IBM 100% Club Attendee - San Diego, CA (2006)
  • IBM Printing Systems Divsion Vice-President's Award (2005)
  • IBM Printing Systems Division Rookie of the Year (2004)
  • Inaugural President of the Penn State University IST Alumni Society (2003 - 2004)
  • Appointed member of the Penn State University Alumni Council (2003 – 2006)
  • Chosen to participate on the IST Advisory Board, among 20+ industry executives to assist in curriculum development (2003 – 2006)
  • Recipient of the University-wide 2002 Cigna Excellence Award for outstanding academic excellence, extra-curricular involvement and leadership potential (2002)
  • Inaugural Winner of the Student Leadership Award for IST (2001)
  • Lead a team of 7 students to the top four of a business plan competition as Chief Executive Officer of Vasor Technologies (2001 - See Work Samples Below)
  • Sarnoff Engineering Corporation Scholarship Recipient (1999 – 2003)
  • Testified for IST before the Pennsylvania State Senate in Harrisburg, PA (2001)
  • Featured in two local newspaper articles, various magazines and online articles, regarding my involvement and achievements as an IST student (2000 – 2002)

Business Plan Competition

Reading List