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A versatile executive manager, with experience and knowledge essential for managing key areas of an organisation and the problem solving skills needed in sales and strategic management.

Through professional experience acquired the ability to meet deadlines while maintaining a high standard of work, using strong common sense and negotiating skills.

Looking for an executive management position, which can offers the opportunity to develop new skills at challenging projects, in any place of the world.

Work experience

Oct 2006Apr 2010

Managing Director

Alartec Portugal – Seguriber Group

Further to the company’s problematic situation, I was invited to lead a Business Turnover, in order prepare the company for a potential selling process.

As the General Director, in the dependency of the Administration Council (Spain) and with full responsibility for the global management and for the economics results, I have the following responsibilities:

• Financial restructuring and re-definition of the financial policy in co-operation with the Financial Management team.

• Restructuring of the operational model, in co-operation with the Operational Direction team. Changing of the operational model generated a reduction of fixed costs and increased quality levels in the customer service.

• Revision of the global policy and identification of the main challenges and opportunities in short and medium terms; re-definition of the product offer and the pricing policy for the consuming market; creation of the Marketing Department.

• Direct responsibilities as Commercial Director: re-definition of the operational model of the department; management and control of the department activity; definition and control of the commercial objectives.

• Elaboration of plans on several levels in order to achieve the company’s goals.

• Restructuring the whole company’s System Information plan, and planning the ERP


Jun 2008Apr 2010

Business Development & Commercial Director

Seguriber Group

Following Alartec (Spain & Portugal) acquisition by Seguriber Group in November 2007, I was invited to join the Group executive team in the Seguriber Headquarters (Madrid), initially to restructure and reorganize the entire Group organisation model, and subsequently to be responsible for 3 Commercial Business Units. Simultaneously, I maintain the leadership of Alartec Portugal, the Portuguese group division.

As the Commercial Director of Seguriber Group (Group invoice regarding the year 2008: 90,250 (Million €), more than 30.000 clients during 2008), I hold responsibilities over the following units:

• Seguriber Sistemas Business Unit Director - AD-HOC Security Systems Business Unit.

• Visualizza Business Unit Director - Video Surveillance and Closed Circuit Television Business Unit

• Alartec Business Unit Director - Alarm Monitoring Services Business Unit

My main actions include the creation and management of a new sales structure in each business unit; the

reorganisation and coordination of the sales territorial structure, all over Spain; the elaboration of the 3 Units Business Plans for 2009; the development of commercial strategies and sales targets, in order to achieve 2009 business plans.

From June 2008 to November 2008, as Business Development Director, I was one of the team members responsible for restructuring the entire Seguriber Group organizational model.

Feb 2006Oct 2006

Business Manager

Refer Telecom

I worked at the Business Development Unit and was responsible for the global business management.

As Business Manager I had the following responsibilities:

• Project Manager – Coordinating of project implementation on the Cable Optic Fiber area.

• Product Manager – design and typification of new offers for the wholesale and for the corporate market.

• Sales Manager – management of the sales activity on the wholesale and corporate market and management of the IP wholesale supplier’s contracts.

Jul 2004Feb 2006

Senior Account Executive

VIA Net.Works Portugal

• Implementation of the commercial strategy on the Corporate channel of the northern zone.

• Identifying priority target markets, in the Corporate and Key Accounts areas.

• Development of a strong market prospection in order to find out the real needs.

• Drawing, presentation and negotiation of trade proposals referring to global solutions for

telecommunication services.

Jan 2003Jul 2004

Account Manager

KPNQwest Portugal

• Defining and using the best practices to perceive customers.

• Identifying and defining service needs with the customers.

• Drawing and presenting proposals referring to service solutions, trade prices and timings of


• Following closely the implementation processes and managing the expectations over the

installation process.

• Proactive management of the customer list.

Mar 2000Dec 2002

Technical Support Engineer

KPNQwest Portugal

• First and second line support to customers, helping clients solving their problems relating to

internal networks.

• Controlling systems with rented circuits.

• Supporting customers using Windows / Linux / Unix / MacOS networks.

• Installing, to organising and maintaining Windows NT/2000 - Linux systems.

• Supporting customers according to Service Levels Agreements (SLA).



Languages skills - Italian
Languages skills - Chinese (Mandarin)
Languages skills - French
Languages skills - Spanish
Languages skills - English
Languages skills - Portuguese