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2014May 2017


Currently taking dual credit classes that include; American History, Calculus, Western Civilization, Micoeconomics/Macroeconomics and etc.
Aug 2014May 2017

Ruskin High School

GPA: 4.022

Class Rank: 16 out of 323

Work experience

June 2017August 2017

Activities Director/ Internship

The Federal Reserve of Kansas City 
  • Coordinated create lesson plans for 4th thru 6th graders that teaches kids about financial literacy 
  • Took Inventory for the Public Affairs department
  • Helped prepare all the necessary items for any event that occurred at the bank
  • Met with very influential figures within the bank that ranged to Vice Presidents of each division to the President of the bank
  • Facilitated tours for the Federal Reserve to patrons that visited the bank's Money Museum
  • Worked with five other student leaders to learn how to work in the business world
  • Composed high level public speaking skills through the help of the Federal Reserve's numerous speaking programs
Mar 2015Present

Cashier/Courtesy Clerk

Price Chopper
  • Handled checks from customers
  • Handled money from customers
  • Helped customers who needed helped finding certain items
  • Lifted items that weighted between 5-10 lbs 
  • Move carts back into cart station 
  • Responsible for til until the end of my shift
  • Instructed new hires about their jobs and how to perform at maximum efficiency  

December 2016April 2017


  • Cleaned up tables after customers would leave
  • Reset tables/prepared tables 
  • Communicated with the hostesses to seat the dinners   
  • Took drinker/food orders 
  • Run Dishes from the 2nd floor to the basement to be cleaned 
  • Prepared food for the deli side of the restaurant 
Mar 2015Present

Deli Clerk

Price Chopper
  • Cooks and prepares food for consumption and also cut meat and cheeses
  • Serve and help customers
  • Clean and up keep the area and resupply items (IE: sandwiches,drinks,and cakes)
  • Keep and track of inventory
  • Order items that would be needed for the area
  • Provide Customers helpful advise on what items to purchase
  • Tracked food and safety regulations for the deli  


  • Attended Missouri State Honor Choir 3 years in a row
  • Joined UMKC Bridges Program
  • Editor of Opinion page in Newspaper
  • Managing Editor of Newspaper
  • Editor in Chief of Newspaper and Yearbook
  • Lead Roll in "Into the Woods" as the baker
  • Major roll in "Avenue Q" as Nicky
  • Papa bear in The trial of Goldilocks
  • Tweedledum in Alice In Wonderland
  • Began the Multicultural Club and President
  • Missouri State Thespian
  • N.H.S Member
  • N.J.H.S Member
  • Member of Student Council Junior Year
  • Vice President of Student Council Freshman Year
  • Superintendent's Advisory Council Member for 2 years
  • Kansas City Cappies Member
  • Member of district's gifted program
  • A 2 in district Choir Competition
  • Fourth Place in Life Smarts
  • Right Wing in Varsity Soccer
  • Cross Country Freshman Year
  • Member of the Student Board of Directors for the Federal Reserve Bank In Missouri
  • Coke Cola scholarship Semi-finalist
  • F.B.L.A Finalist
  • Missouri Award for Outstanding Achievement in Citizenship  
  • Executive Board President  
  • Represented in the entire state of Missouri for the F.B.L.A finals in Anaheim, California 

Community Service

  • Aided the special needs kids when making the annual Thanksgiving dinner for the school
  • Spent two Summers volunteering in Dobbs Elementary school helping children
  • Volunteered after school for two years (8th and 9th grade) in Santa Fe Elementary
  • Donated blood for the annual school blood drive
  • Started A music program for my district that provides free music lessons for students who can't afford lessons or have the passion to learn more than what they already know.
  • Coached the special Olympics for their soccer matches

Extra-Curricular Activities/Hobbies

Advanced Choir


Newspaper and Yearbook

Student Council



Play at local venues 

ACBL Bridge/ Competitive Bridge  

Video Games


Skills and Qualifications


Responsible and trustworthy






Public Speaking


Customer Service






Creative Thinking