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Work experience

Jun 2009Present

Finance Consultant

Business Consultant

Oriented to Business and Financial consulting, Market Research, Process Analysis, Due Dilligence and Business Valuation


·Specific Industry Market study in México, Central and South America

·Investment Opportunities consolidation in México, Central and South America

Jul 2008May 2009

Operations, Director

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica (Laureate Education)

As Operations Director I am responsible  for sales, logistics and capacity, regional branch performance, business development,  IT and process development  of Universidad Latina de Costa Rica (the highest private university in Costa Rica) and Universidad Americana, which were recently acquired by Laureate Education Inc

Achievements: Keep a  20% sales growth in 2009 over last year results Strong Integration efforts among leaders and teams into the new Business culture Launched a  new regional campus initiative that generates 50% new enrollment in 2009. Achieved 1.8 Million Us Dollars in savings by improving direct costs through efficiency improvements projects and strategy execution during the first quarter of fiscal year 09.  Consolidating a two years project in Online Systems centralization, improving dramatically the speed of key process  and safety procedures. Development of an Information system with Laureate requirements in two months

Jun 2006Jun 2008

Finance, Director

Universidad Latina de Costa Rica (Member of Consorcio Proeducacion Mexico)

As Finance Director of Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and Universidad Americana I was responsible and accountable for Finance Strategy, Controllership, IT,  Purchasing, Legal, and special projects

Achievements: Deep changes in working capital management, changing discounts and credit policies and focused on cash Management, recovering the cash flow  into proper  levels and recovery of AAA grade form banks before years in C level Debt restructuring from 30  financial entities into just two banks, reducing the annual financial cost from 30% to 15% average, total reduction 1mm us Design of a budgeting culture and an expenses control system Deep Telecom changes moving ahead from a decentralized environment to a centralized IP network. Al the systems department and tasks were redefined AAA Vendors recovery. In order to sale de company under operative basis, I was in charge of the seller tasks in Costa Rica conducting the due diligence and buyer relationship, sell of fixed assets strategy and achieve a zero debt financial structure in two months

May 1998May 2006

Admnistrative, Director

Consorcio Proedesarrollo y Proeducación

As Administrative Director of COTAMSA (Corporate office of Consorcio Proeducacion) I was responsible for Finance Strategy, Corporate Controllership, Financial statements consolidation, tax strategy and special projects analysis of different companies of the Mexican Consortium

Achievements: Financial projects analysis and launching of different fields as, Education, Agriculture, Construction, Financial Services, health care Financial statements consolidation of 15 companies and standardized accounting policies implementation As part of the construction committee ,I  was in charge of monitoring the cost involved in projects development and cash flow timeframe in projects of USD 50 millions and up    Implementation of successful tax strategies in different companies of the group Implementation of strong internal controls to safeguard the company assets During 2005 Oversee the Financial integration of the new Educational acquired entity in Costa Rica into Consorcio Proeducación  policies and finally moved as CFO in Costa Rica in 2006

May 1997May 1998


Business Consultant

I formed a consulting business in financial services and accounting

Achievements: Credit analysis consulting and training to the consumer segment in Banco Internacional BITAL (Now HSBC) Accounting and Finance training to all the firm members in Santa Marina y Steta a Mexican recognized Lawyers firm Financial restructuring of a chemical company

Oct 1995May 1997

Credit, Director

Banco Anahuac

As a Credit Director I was in charge of credit policy and risk analysis in a new bank in México

Achievements: Creation of the Credit department Credit committee integration

Sep 1994Sep 1995

New Products subdirector

Banco Internacional (now HSBC)

I was responsible for new products development

Achievements: Strong participation in the financial rescue definition and implementation during 2005 credit financial crack in México Member of the business credit committee

May 1984Aug 1994

Auditor and Consulting Manager

Price Waterhouse Coopers

From 1984 to 1987 I worked in the audit department for Coopers and Lybrand, México, and from 1987 to 1994 I worked in the Financial and Planning Consulting Department in Price Waterhouse Coopers, México.

Achievements: Deep development in systems analysis and process reengineering implementation in several industries as textile, banking, Chemical, plastics Transfer pricing model  design participating as part of the PWC team involved in the in the Mexican  steel industry privatization, getting a promotion to Consulting Manager Strong participation in due diligence, valuation model and budgeting, credit analysis in banking, plastics, entertainment, textile Client General Manager recognition to create a Corporate Financial office in  a textile group with more than ,10 industrial plants in six months


Jun 1999Jun 2000


Insituto Panamericano de Alta Direccion de Empresas (IPADE)

Studies provided in General Management, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Human Resources Management

Sep 1989Jul 1995


Universidad La Salle

Oriented to Economics and Finance analysis, also strong in economics

Sep 1983Jun 1987


Escuela Bancaria y Comercial

Very well recogniced bachelor school between the Big 4 accounting firms in Mexico


Focused on results
Accountable and responsible for results under monthly and annual basis
Team Builder
Focused on working team experiences, i have contributed in several organizations developing and coordinating projects by groups


I have over 20 years in multi-industry experience in Business Consulting, Banking, Textile, Agriculture, Construction and Education in México and costa Rica in General Management, Finance, Internal Control, Planning, Treasury, Projects development, It, Purchaisng and Legal. I am focused on results and excellent team player. Studied D1 at IPADE, México




I have over 20 years of multi-industry experience in different fields as Education, Banking, Textile, Agriculture, and Construction. My Goal is to have an Executive Leadershipposition that will leverage my leadership, planning and interpersonal management skills to meet and exceed the company’s objectives and challenges. I amFocused on results and excellent team player.

Besides my working experience in México and Costa Rica in several areas oriented to General Management, Finance, Internal Control, Planning, Treasury, Projects development, IT, Purchasing and Legal., I have a Master in Economics and Finance and Studied D1 at IPADE, México (top five ranked Business School in Latin America)

At this moment, I am doing Finance and Business Consulting in Central America, after I have finished my Long Term Temporary assignment in Costa Rica with Consorcio Proeducación (Unitec owners in México) and Laureate Education in May 2009, and now looking for and Opportunity in Mexico and Central America.

Thank you in advance for your time and consideration. Looking forward to meeting and discuss this opportunity further,