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Luis Felipe Camacho Carvajal

Economist; Master in International Enterprise Direction; PhD. candidate in Planning, Governance, and Globalization

Development is a sensitive matter for me

I have been encouraged to improve my knowledge of economic development through my professional, academic, and research experience. As a professional, several experiences have had a significant impact on me. As an economic analyst of the largest retailers’ association in Colombia, I acknowledged the substantial role reliable statistical information has for decision making and for strengthening the negotiation and institutional power among state and private entities. Finally, my experience at the National Administrative Department of Statistics of Colombia, where I was part of the team carrying out the National Statistical Plan, highlighted the complexity of participating in designing, planning and implementing public policy due to the different goals of institutions. This made me recognize the importance of negotiations and collaboration and intensified my interest in institutional mechanisms that permit productivity and competitiveness within economic development policies.

My academic experience has developed my strong critical interpretation abilities and methodological skills going beyond the design, interpretation and analysis of databases. My undergraduate thesis is a reflection on the postulates of social justice, morality, institutions and using mathematics on applied economics across the pioneer General Equilibrium Model theorized by Leon Walras. The main conclusions I reached were that private property and institution defense is fundamental for applied economic policies. Equally fundamental are the relevance and pertinence of the mathematical models in economic decision-making, provided that the importance of linking to non-mercantile relationships–institutions, culture, administrative management, etc. – in the behavior of economic agents and economic results, is not neglected. In addition, my postgraduate studies, specialized in International Trade, followed by a Master’s degree in International Enterprise Management, have strengthened my comprehension of the productive transformation generated by international trade, production growth, and the administrative structure of companies. In order to be awarded the postgraduate degree I carried out a research project entitled “Development of a system for the potential exporting markets’ election as from a variable economic indicator”.

Ultimately, as a researcher I believe that publishing and speaking are important elements in improving science. I consider that the most important paper I have published on public policy is the e-book “The Colombian Manufacturing Industry in the Global Economy”. After defining the critical sectorial factors needed to successfully advance the productive transformation strategy such as technological innovation, quality of work, management practice, competitive markets, I am interested in finding a correlation and causality between deindustrialization and each factor. I want to propose economic policy actions in order to diminish triggers of deindustrialization.

Work History

Jun 2011Mar 2013

Thematic leader and planning monitoring of the Colombian National Statistics Plan

Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadistica – DANE

• Responsible to do follow-up to the statistics operations in trade, industry, services, justice, national accounts. Research in statistical plans.

• Realization of implementation documents, improvement The National Statistical Plan (PEN) and The Sectorial Statistic Plan for the Administration of Justice, promote the use of classifications and nomenclature of statistics operations, etc.

Main Achievements:

    To arrange the strengthening actions plan for the Justice and Coexistence and Citizen Safety plans.

Jan 2011Dec 2012

Teaching Coordinator. Faculty of Economics

Catholic University of Colombia

• Responsible to care by the execution of the development plan of teaching in the undergraduate and graduate program

Main Achievements:

    To improve the students participation in the institutional teaching evaluation.

    Design and recommendations in the study on desertion and characterizing of the Faculty of Economy.

Jan 2002Dec 2012

Professor in Economics (Several Colombian Universities)

Universidad Externado de Colombia/ Universidad Catolica de Colombia/ Universidad de la Sabana

• Teaching of courses: International Economic development, International trade, Strategic international business, Political economy, Economic policy, Principle of economics, microeconomics, and macroeconomics.   

Nov 2006May 2010

Researcher and Economic analyst at the Department of Economic Research Colombia

Federacion Nacional de Comerciantes (FENALCO), Cudinamarca – Bogota

• Research on national and international markets according to requested sectors

• Searching, and updating of data bases, together with methodological development, technical, and statistical analysis.

• Issues related urban legislature, transportation, and commerce.

Main Achievements:

    To be responsible to do the trade monthly balance.

    To be deputy in the sectorial results exposition to representatives of the Directors Board.

    To represent the union to other institutions as technical advisor and negotiator.

    To be responsible of the internal communication of the Economical Research Manager.

    Exhibitor delegated by the union to different private and public entities.

Dec 2005Mar 2006

Economic advisor

J.A. Zabala & Consultores Asociados

• Recommendations to optimize the technological services rendering under outsourcing modality.

• Technical analysis of management index and indicators.

• Support the advising group in the financial assessment and economical impact of the model.

Main Achievements:

    Deliver the technical development of the advising optimizing model.

    Delegated for the results exposition to the Temporary Union.


o  Candidate financeable for Doctoral studies abroad for 5 years.PhD. Student at Virginia Tech

o   Scholarship of 60% for the Master in International Enterprises Direction (MIBA), Foro Europeo Escuela de Negocios de Navarra, Huarte, Spain.

o Manuscript reviewer for the Finance and Economic Policy Journal. Catholic University of Colombia. Participant in the scientific committee and articles reviewer.


Aug 2013Present

PhD. Candidate in Planning, Governance, and Globalization

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

My research focuses on Economic Development and international trade, Sociology of work, innovation and Technology in workplaces, participatory management practices and dignity at work.

Sep 2009Dec 2009

Master in International Enterprises Direction (MIBA),

Foro Europeo

This master make emphasis in Corporate financial budgets and international negotiations.

Feb 1997Dec 2003


Universidad Externado de Colombia

I am trained in reasoning problems through economic theory, political economy, and validate, evaluate, and test private and public decisions using statistics and econometric techniques.


Critical thinking

By critical thinking I mean synthesis capacity, analytical thought, and ability to learn.


By productiveness I mean time handling, creativity, innovation, recursiveness, self- discipliner, perseverance, realization of effective presentations, eloquence to speak in public, good inter personal relationships, and teamwork.

Microsoft programs (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

Mapping using Arc-GIS

Statistics programs such SPSS and STATA

Econometric models and trends analysis

Theorizing technological change and participatory/democratic practices in workplaces

“Reflexión sobre la Industria del Acero en el Mercado Globalizado.” 

The main purpose of this essay is to show a new stage of growth and development of steel industry in the World. Acquisitions in the steel sector are the real incentive of changing of commercial flows of China that switch from a net importer to one of the biggest exporters of this chain. Following the production, commercial flows an apparent consumption of steel in South America let suggest that the region is not demanding what it is produced in there. Here the article.

Una Visión Menos Economicista De La Obra De Léon Walras (1834-1910) 

(A Less Economicist View Of The Work Of Léon Walras (1834-1910))The main purpose of this essay is the epistemological view of economics developed by Léon Walras. Many times economists have been catalogued Walras methodological framework as reductionist. They forget the normative point of view that involves Walras’ effort to discover thee truth of economics. Here the article.

“La Industria Manufacturera Colombiana en la Economía Mundial. 

This E book main purpose was to rank best prepared manufacture Colombian Industries to compete in international markets, and provide Colombian local, regional, and national governments theoretical arguments to promote policies for an adequate economic transformation. Here you can download the ebook.

Speaker. Commemorate Anniversary Of The Death Of Leon Walras (1910-2010) 

Here is the poster of the event.

2 ° Simposio Internacional de Investigación en Economía. Marzo 2011

(Speaker 2° International Symposium for Research in Economics, Management and Accounting Sciences - Society and Development ,Bogota, Colombia, March 29, 2011) Here my presentation in the selection of potential international markets for exporters.


Jun 2008Jun 2008

International and multimodal trade

Ulacit-Laureate International Universities, Panamá


References are available upon request.