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Hi, Everyone.

I am a battle hardened full stack developer who delivers high quality work and valuable feedback in brining your idea to life.
I am commonly working with tools like Node, Angular, MongoDB, ElasticSearch and RabbitMQ.

Holds professional certificates from MIT and CompTIA and has a diverse background working for Inc. 50 companies, Fortune 50 companies, small businesses and a number of startup companies.

I am most comfortable working on projects with a unique challenge gaming & betting, business intelligence and community driven sites with complex relational data.

I started programming computers when I was twelve years old, and, over the last 30 years, I've realized that I am, well, a programmer. That said, I do have the "people skills" necessary to remain competitive in the world of programming. When needed, I'm a "sit in the corner and program til the wee hours of the morning geek"... otherwise, I'm just a "fun to talk to, easy to get along with normal person".

I have always enjoyed the challenge of creating interactive software. With the birth of the modern Internet, I found a new love in web development and web programming. I face every new piece of code as a fresh new beginning... a chance to do it even better, while, still using "what works" from the past.

My objective, here at UpWork, it to provide potential employers with my expertise in the field of website design, development, and programming.

Thank you for your attention

Work experience

Jun 2014Apr 2016

Senior Project Manager


I worked as a Lead Developer with 2 developers for customized laravel ecomerce site.

Aug 2010Jun 2014

Technical Project Manager and Front End Web Developer

Avitus Group

Building and managing website related projects for the clients of Avitus Group as part of their Online Marketing team.

In their own words: "We worked with Sage full time for over a year and found her to be a shining example of what you want in a remote developer. She is timely, organized and very very fast. She does the work of 2 developers and has excellent communication skills. Even though she may be remote it will feel as if she is right next to you. Exceptional Wordpress skillset combined with management skills. If there was a 6 out of 5 stars setting she would have that."

Mar 2004Jul 2008

Senior Software Engineer

Development of business logic, data access and other components, GUI subsystems, additional tools, OEM development; writing unit and integration  tests; performing code reviews; development  of build tools. Creation and discussion of software requirements; documenting; conducting technical meetings.



Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.)

Dalhousie University - Schulich School of Law

I studied about Computer Science and graduated from the Dalhousie University Computer Science Program in 2002.


Jun 2013Jul 2013

Tackling the Challenges of Big Data

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


- Languages
Python, Ruby, Java, PHP, Javascript

- Frameworks
Ruby on Rails, Django, Flask, Ember.js, Angular JS, Laravel, Codeigniter

- Libraries/APIs
jQuery, jQuery UI, Backbone.js, Bootstrap, Node.js, D3

- Database
SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL, PostgresSQL, Redis, MongoDB

- Platforms
Ubuntu, CentOS, Mac OS, Windows

- Server
AWS, Heroku, DigitalOcean
Git version control (github, bitbucket)