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Work Experience

Jul 2015Jul 2018

Customer Service Representative (CSR)

Util México 
  • When the CSR receives a new purchase order. Then he has to follow up on the entire process. From the input of the order into the system onwards (SAP) 
    • Assign the priorities to the planner. 
    • Check the raw material availability with the Purchase Department
    • To expedite raw material for hot items via the Purchase Department 
    • Check the status of the required toolings. (Tool Room) 
  1.  Monitor the production process (Production - Quality Departments) 
  2. To check &  corroborate that the packaging of each material for different customers was correct one before shipments
  3. To assure that the shipment was properly prepared and all the documentation was in place as well a the Incoterms classification:  EXW by Ocean,  DAP Local customers by Land, FOB National/International By Land & air
  4. To manage customer claims. Focused on the solution to the problems and monitor afterward (Production/Quality) 
  5. Whenever a new project would start. (New launches, Re-engineering)
    • To attend to  schedule meetings  being internal or with the customer 
    • Follow up the elaboration process of the new tooling, or re-engineering. 
    • Send samples to the customer, via land or air 
    • Send and confirm the package agreement. Type of box, rust inhibitors, labels, standard pack quantity. 
    • Request the forecast from the customer in order to get raw material agreements with suppliers. 
    • Constant request to the customer the PO´s based on their forecast.   
  6. Internal meetings with all involved Departments (Production, Planeation, Quality, Tool Room, Engineering. To resolve the past due. Also, daily reports providing key information to the customers. 
  7. Coordinate Shipments  with all involved departments for a total of 18 distinct domestic and overseas customers
Oct 2013Jun 2015

Customs Asistant 

Ep Logistica - Lexmark
  • Customs activities. 
    • Paperwork for Imports & Exportations IN, AF, RMA, V1
    • File Control
    • Close of the month with vendors V1  
Jul 2017Actual Part time 

Stadium reporter

InPlay Sports Data (Side job) (European company)

Follow up the matches of the FC Juarez

  • Provide information in real time (live) 
  •  Input Information before the match
    • Attendance, Weather, Pitch conditions, Team names (Home/Away), Format game 
  •   As soon the match starts
    • Provide information on all the relevant points of the game. 
Agust 2018Actual

Profesor de Inglés

CBTCJ Guerreros
  • Profesor de la materia de Inglés a 1er, 3er y 5to semestre. 
    • Programación semanal de las actividades a desarrollar para cumplir los objetivos de aprendizaje indicados en los silavarios. 
  • Profesor de Tutorias 1er, 5to semestre 
    • Actividades diversas para monitorear el desempeño de los alumnos en la escuela, oportunidades de mejora de la escuela, aportaciones que ellos pueden realizar para mejorar su desarrollo, identificar materias con las que tienen dificultad para canalizar asesorias, identificar alumnos con problemas familiares, emocionales para canalizarlos al departamento de trabajo social. 
Jan 2013Jun 2013

Control de archivo

Recaudacion de Rentas
  • Actividades varias relacionadas al control de archivos. 


Jan 2009Jun 2014

Licenciatura en Administración de Empresas

Universidad Autónoma de Ciudad Juárez
  • Organizational administration and management quality
  • Management of finances
  • Management of marketing
  • Management of human resources
    Approved in the EGEL Passed successfully the four evaluated areas


Gabriela Uribe, Customs Assistant at Ep Logistics

Teléfono: 656 2063942

Omar Soriano Castruita, Customs Specialist at Lexmark

Teléfono: 6566921094

Olivia Veronica Moreno Carrera at UACJ

Teléfono: 656 1969421



Fast learn 


English Certification by Duolingo B2 level.  


  SAP, Codice, SCAI, SCAF, DaVinci, Prezzi.