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Currently, I am an assistant professor in the Department of Mass Communication at Banha University. I study the social Media uses and effects of new communication technologies. I did my Ph.D. at the Mass Communication at the University of Cairo, Egypt. I wrote my dissertation on Digital Media Power. I study mobile media and social media from a sociological perspective. My research focuses on Digital media, online journalism, social media, online values, Mobile Media, Civic and Political engagement and international media.

Academic Preparation


PhD of Digital Journalism 

Cairo University

Title of Thesis:" The Impact of Alternative Media on the Circulation of Information in Egypt: a Field and Analytical Study".


MA Of Mass Communication

Zagazig University  

Title of Thesis (Attitudes of News Coverage for Foreign Affairs in Egyptian Newspapers and its Relationship with the Newspaper Related Variables: An Applied Study on a sample of the National, Partisan and Private Newspaper During 2005/2006).

Sep 2001Jun 2004

BA of Arts

Benha University

Graduation from the Department of Mass Communication - Faculty of Arts - Banha University

Specialty  of  Press


Jun 2013Present

Assistant professor at Mass Communication Department


My professional experience includes work in online Journalism, New media, web usability, and design, marketing on social media, and teaching. I currently consult in these areas, especially as it relates my expertise in online websites management.

Jan 2015August 2016

Digital Media Manager

Elgaras Newspaper, Midanalarab Newspaper
  • Online Newspapers Sites Management.
  • Social Media Management.
    • Strategic management in the media.
    • Video Production Management.
    Nov 2009May 2013

    Lecturer of communication and Media Faculty

    King AbdulAziz University
    • Lecturer of Department of Electronic Media - Faculty of Communication and Media, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia.
    • Supervising of the editing the Newspaper issued by the university.
    •  taught many courses such as Online Journalism, International Media, Public Opinion, Public Relations, Journalism Editing, Uses of the Internet in the media.


    1. Common Search with Dr. Mahitab Al-Rafi, Dr. Zuhair Tahat, "Investigative Journalism of Arab Spring Countries in Arig Network: An Analytical Study, Under Publishing in "Egyptian Journal of Public Opinion Research, Faculty of ’Mass Communication, Cairo University, 2018.
    2. News frames of the Arab electronic newspapers covering for the Qatar crisis 2017, Journal of Arab Media and Society, American University in Cairo, January 2018. Available at: or,
    3. Common Search with Dr. Mahitab Al-Rafi, "American Presidential Campaigns on the Internet from 1992 to 2016: A Critical Analytical View", Najah University Research Journal (Humanities) Date of acceptance 15-10- 2017 will be published in Volume 32 Issue (8) 2018.
    4. Common Search with Dr. Mehtaab Al-Rafie on "Digital Media Economics in the Arab World: Shahid. net a model, Research presented to the Fourth International Conference of the Faculty of Arts and Languages Jadra University - Jordan - 25-27 April 2017.
    5. The impact of Mobile media on the political participation of youth in Egypt, Egyptian Journal of Media Research - Faculty of Information - Cairo University, Issue 58, January 2017.
    6. Egyptian elite vision of the impact of new media on the system of prevailing values in society during the January 25 revolution, a Scientific journal of the Journalism Research, Faculty of Mass Communication, Cairo University, Fourth Issue, October-December 2015.
    7. Vision of the Egyptian elite of the impact of new media on the system of values in the light of the political changes in Egyptian society, Annual International Conference of the sector Graduate Studies and Research "Changing patterns of social values and personal transformations Arabic-Faculty of Arts - Ain Shams University during the period from April 21 to 22, 2015.
    8. News frames of the Egyptian Newspapers Coverage of the Sectarian conflict in Iraq between Sunnis and Shiites and Kurds during 2005 and 2006: An Analytical Study, Al Mustaqbal Al Arabi Journal, Center for Arab Unity Studies, Lebanon, No. 399, May 2012.
    9. Communicator Vision in the Egyptian Newspapers and Internet Activists of the Impact of Alternative Media on the circulation of information During the January 25 Revolution, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, University of Banha, No. 26, January 26, 2012.
    10. The Impact of Alternative Media on the Information Circulation of Revolution of January 25, 2011, Journal of the Faculty of Arts, Banha University, Issue 27, July 2012.
    11. Relationship Problematic between traditional media and alternative media, JAZEERA University Conference in Dubai, About "the role of media colleges and government institutions and professional associations in the development of the media profession during the period from 10 to 12 December 2012."


    1. New electronic media.
    2.  digital media.
    3. Production of printed media materials.
    4. Online Journalism.
    5. Management of digital press organizations
    6. Journalistic editing of printed newspapers.
    7. Internet uses in the field of media.
    8. Investigative Journalism.
    9. Public opinion.
    10. Media Legislation.
    11. Contemporary media issues.


    Video Reporting, Photography, Video Editing

    Video  Journalism, Video Production

     Online Publishing

    Online News Editing, Online news publishing, Website Management.

    Social Media Management, Content Management Systems (CMS)

    Media Production Management, Interactive Media Planning.

    Online Public Relations Management

    Strategic Management of Public Relations on the Internet and social networks, and other online platforms.

    College Teaching, Writing, Blogging.

    New media and social media editing, Info graphic Journalism or data journalism

    Digital Journalism

    News Editing, Social Media, Online Journalism, Social Media Marketing, Digital Journalism.

    Software Programes

    • Web design Programs for Digital media :( Photoshop cc and Illustrator cc Programs)

    • Edit and Montage of Video: (Sony Vegas Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro programs).

    • Photo Editing Programs: (Photoshop cc, Photo editor, Picasa 3 and Graph Edit programs).

    • In design cs6 Program for Print Media (Books-Newspapers-Magazines and Publicity papers).

    • Computer-assisted journalism :(SPSS, Excel, Photoshop cc, Illustrator cc, and Graph Edit Programs).

    • "Infographic Journalism or data journalism (SPSS, Excel, Photoshop cc, Illustrator cc, and Graph Edit Programs).


    •  Online Journalism.
    • specialized Journalism  .
    • International media.
    •  journalistic Editing.
    • Applied Statistics in the media.

    Training Courses

    Training courses in the field of quality management systems and strategic planning:

    1.  Use of computer technology in scientific research.
    2.  Quality standards for courses.
    3. Library resources and databases.
    4. Using EndNote.
    5. The Spss (Level I & II& III).
    6. The International Computer Driving License (Icdl) is accredited by the UNESCO Office in Cairo.
    7. Effective communication.
    8. Facebook Marketing: Set Up Your First Like Campaign.
    9.  Self-assessment and external audit.
    10. Scientific Thinking Skills.
    11.  Time management and meetings.
    12. Academic guidance and student support.
    13. Training course for external auditors of higher education - National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation in Cairo.
    14. Role of Information Systems of External Auditors for Higher Education - National Authority for Quality Assurance of Education and Accreditation in Cairo.
    15. Course decision-making and problem-solving.
    16. The course of modern methods of teaching.
    17. Strategic planning.


    • Attend a workshop in the driving seat for Traccs network of public relations, King Abdulaziz University, 2013.
    • Attend a workshop (Accreditation Standards American Academy for Liberal Education and effective teaching methods) , King Abdulaziz University, 2010.
    • Attend a workshop (quality standards, University of Banha, Egypt, 2008.

    scientific Awards

    1. Annual Award to Professor Dr / Nawal Mohammed Omar in 2009
    2. Award / Mustafa Amin Ali Amin in the Arab press for the year 2005.
    3. Annual Award to Professor Dr / Nawal Mohammed Omar in 2005.
    4. Certificate Ideal Student at the College Level for the year 2004 - 2005.