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  • Consistently ranked #1 performer from industry-leading organizations. 
  • Built and managed sales, Marketing and Advertising teams in Europe, Asia, North and Central America. 
  • Lead complex projects and coordinate teams. 
  • Multilingual (Fluent in English, Spanish, French, German and Italian)
  • Multicultural Senior Marketing and Communications professional with 15+ years experience in international markets supporting non-profit and corporate clients including major global companies such as Bayer, LG Electronics, Braun, Gillette, ATT, Siemens, Toshiba, Microsoft and Coca Cola. 
  • Top business executive and strategist with proven track record at penetrating new markets at national and international levels. 
  • Broad based expertise providing tailored innovative solutions involving Advertising, Corporate Communications, Public Relations, TV and Radio production and broadcasting and e-commerce integration. 
  • Strong experience team-working with executives at Fortune 500 companies.


  • International & multicultural success. 
  • Experience as Senior Marketing, Communication & Advertising professional 
  • Corporate Communication & Advertising strategies development 
  • Marketing & Branding strategies development 
  • Public Relations, Crisis Management 
  • Professional Photographer 
  • IT and e-business integration

Work experience

Apr 2012Present

International Marketing Manager & New Product Development Manager


  • New product development
  • Marketing, Communication and Advertising strategy developement
  • Manager for internal and external communication strategy
  • Manager for Social Media
  • Communication content manager
  • Graphical and promotional material design and delivery management
  • Contact and alliance with other institutions, associations and companies
Aug 2010Present


Samhain Communication

Professional services and solutions in the next areas:

  • Corporate Communication
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Creative
  • Social Media
  • Photography
  • Graphic Design
  • IT Solutions
Jan 2012Mar 2012

Account Manager


  • Strategy developement
  • Content management Social Media
  • Senior editos & Content Management for Social media
  • Customer Relationship Management
Mar 2011Sep 2011

Associate VP Marketing

Canadian Business Strategy Association (CBSA)

  • Strategy and objective developement for Commercial and Marketing areas on the Corporate level working together wit Members of the board.
  • Policies, programs and objectives developement for every product/service and for commercial and marketing activities of the company.
  • Manage and control for every external and internal activity of the organization to ensure coherence and consistency with corporate image.
  • Strategic planning including Corporate positioninig, competitive analysis, penetration plans, audience segmentation.