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My Best Work

Initiative taken

Ren Rally 2014

This was a great example of initiative for me, being hired as an illustrator and choosing to experiment with video I some what dove head first into filming the Ren Rally for our school. This year's Ren Rally was especially hard to cover considering it was at another local high school. Whatever the difficulties I feel my co-worker and I executed the video to the best of our abilities.

Freshman commit to graduate

This was my first time taking photos for the Press and like I mentioned above, I am an illustrator so branching out to expand my abilities really set the stage for the rest of the year where i continued to take photos, video, and continue to draw.


-Weekend volunteer art program for kids

-ASB Publicity Director of 2014/2015

-Art Club

-Art-Demo covers for local bands

Character Trait

Probably the most important character trait I feel I have is courage. As an illustrator for mainly opinion article I have my name attached to drawings demonstrating other people's opinions and that I feel takes courage because sometime I have my name attached to an opinion or subject that I may not personally agree with but it is my job and if I can display the article message to the worthiness of the written work then I have succeeded.


Using Computers

Work experience

Aug 2013Present


The Foothill Dragon Press


Aug 2011Present

High School

Foothill Technology High School