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Hiking, Reading web & project management releated books, Mountainbike, Gardening, Music Festivals.

Organising ski and hiking trips.Organising teambuilding activitities for local sport clubs and companies.


  • Experienced people manager.
  • Broad overview of new media technology.No detailed technical knowledge though.
  • Good organisational skills and commitment to the cause.
  • An experienced, hands-on digital project manager accountable for leading the development, execution, and management of innovative, results-oriented, cross-media digital projects.
  • A passionate agile advocate converging business and consumer needs when collaborating with teams on new media projects.
  • Constantly inspired and fascinated by the ever-changing world of new media with an agile skill set built on the the art of leveraging digital technologies.
  • Ability to well in a work in a team environment
  • Friendly and able to develop good customer relations
  • Enjoys learning new tasks and taking on new challenges
  • Enjoys acting as an Agile Coach thoughout the organisation
  • Fluent in Dutch and Englisch (spoken and written), German (basic spoken and understanding), French (basic understanding)
  • Writing User Stories as part of the functional specifications of a project.

Work experience

Jan 2010Present


Jan 2011Present

Sales & Account Management

Heaven Can Wait
  • New Business Development in digital online marketing market
  • Account Management for projects where different competence centers are involved
  • Agile project management (Scrum & Kanban based) for several large scale projects.
  • Responsible for budget, scope and quality and briefing the technical team and scrummaster.
  • Acting as a proxy-product owner between the customer and the production team.
  • Working on new initiatives within our group.
  • Definition and compliance schedules 
  • Ensuring the coherence of the overall project (graphic, legal, etc..), its quality and performance monitoring; 
  • Coordination of stakeholder teams (design, technical, legal, etc..) and potential providers / partners
  • Monitoring of budgets and ensuring the profitability of projects

  • Interface with permanent clients: reporting, meetings, counseling.


Managing Director

Boulevart Group
  • 2005 – 2010 : Managing Director Boulevart (in 2010 renamed to District01)
    • Sales & Account Management e-marketing and digital project for several SMB & large accounts.
    • Steering Board member on large scale projects (100-500K projects)
    • Performing Project Management on several webtechnology based projects.
    • Management of production, project management & office support teams including performance, recruitment and appraisals
    • Member of the management team responsible for company performance, direction and strategy
  • Responsible for implementing agile/scrum project methodology throughout the whole organisation.
  • Agile Coach within the organisation for all project mangers.
  • Initiator for new initiatives like Monkeyshot (user exeperinece design competence center), and Dradis (mobile iphone development), Little Miss Robot (creative studio)
  • Management of new media projects from conception and planning, to delivery and support
  • Ensuring projects are delivered to specification, on time and within budget by means of Agile project management methodology
  • Key liaison point between clients, the account management team and production
  • Assisting with specifying and testing webtechnology applications

Business Unit Manager

  • 1997 – 2000 : Developing Lotus Notes/Domino applications for several customers, including workflow, web and CRM, HR and Legal applications.
    • Developing document management systems for BASF Antwerp with Lotus technology.
    • Project Manager for Lotus Notes/Domino, SAP & Documentum integration
  • 2000 – 2005 : Business Unit Manager Lotus Department
    • Sales & Business Development & Project Management for several projects & accounts.
    • Peoplemanagement for a 20 person development & system administration team.

Lotus Notes/Domino Consultant

EDS Belgium
  • Lotus Notes/Domino Research & Development consultant for the General Motors account.
  • Implementation & server migration for General Motors Russia (Moscow & Elabuga – Kazan)

Project Manager

BASF Antwerp
  • 1988 : Mainframe operator
  • 1989 – 1992 : Providing in-company PC Support
  • 1992 – 1997 Implementation ofLotus Notes/Domino within the organisation of BASF Antwerp
    • Responsible for Lotus Notes/Domino infrastructure & and actively involved in Lotus development projects.
    • Training end-users in working with Lotus Notes Mail and applications




Product Owner
Certified Scrummaster