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I am ambitious and professional driven 22 year old looking for student work.

I am sociable, flexible, conflict-free and team-oriented, but at the same time able to work independently. My communication in English is fluent, I have  experience with clients, organization and a driver's license in category B as well as my own transportation.

I have been acting in amateur theatre in KD Stična since I was 16. I already participated in five plays and I am also co-author of one. Since I completed makeup course in Carpus Makeup Academy I am also responsible for theatrical makeup. Every year I also help with organization of the Festival Stična (advertising, selling tickets, concern for the well-being of performers and visitors etc.).


  • Fluid communication in English 
  •  Experience with social platforms and other electronic medias
  • Critical thinker
  • Organizational planning
  • Excellent research skills
  • Multitasking
  • Detail oriented
  • Team oriented
  • Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Excellent communication with customers

Work History



Andrej Robida s.p.

My first regular employment was at bar Millenium in Btc Ljubljana. My tasks at this occupation included:

  • Politely greeting customers
  • Recieving and serving orders for food and drink
  • Building relationships with regular customers and remembering their usual orders
  • Providing good customer service
  • Cleaning dishes
  • Multitasking
  • Ensuring that there were adequate supplies of food, beverages, napkins and other essentials
  • Staying alert for customer’s requests and being prompt to address them
  • Performing other tasks assigned by manager
  • Maintaining cleanliness of the counters, kitchen and tables
  • Issuing bills, accepting payments, handling the cash register, counting money at the end of the shift
Feb 2012Apr 2012

Saleswoman (Student work)

Wit B d.o.o.

Sold clothes and fashion acessories at Two Way clothing store, I had to make sure that the store was always clean and tidy, gave counsel to customers, worked as the cashier etc.

Jun 2011Jun 2011

Marketing Manager Assistant (Work placement) 

Pest Country Museum Directorate

In High school, I was chosen to attend practical training through work placement at the employer - EU project LLP Leonardo da Vinci, to work at Pest Country Museum Directorate based in Szentendre, Hungary for two weeks.  My tasks were: gathering informations about tourists for Tourinfo company, critical thinking about the types of tourists visiting Szentendre and  how to appeal to each type specifically, searching for slogans for several types of tourists, pasting labels on bracelets / tickets to the Night of Museums, hand crafting props for The Night of  Museums etc.

Feb 2010Mar 2010

Administrator, Sales Specialist (Work placement)

Založba Sophia

In 2nd year of high school I carried out a work placement in publishing house Sophia, where I  got acquainted and performed various tasks and responsibilities of administrator and sales specialist. I gained experience in the field of communication with customers - bookstores, electronic media, telecommunications.




Višja strokovna šola za kozmetiko in velnes

Cosmetic graduate duties are:

  • planning, organizing, coordinating and leading (own) cosmetic activity,
  • advising on beauty, healthy lifestyle, well-being, healthy diet, ...
  • independently designing and implementing cosmetic care,
  • performing various massage techniques and alternative forms of massage,
  • useing modern and technologically demanding devices / appliances,
  • communicating with clients and marketing (new) cosmetic products and services,
  • concerning for the quality of work, well-being and customer satisfaction, ...
  • monitoring development trends in the field of cosmetics, services and technologies.
Sep 2008Jun 2012

Vocational Matura - Economic Tehnician

Srednja šola Josipa Jurčiča Ivančna Gorica

From the Europass Certificate Supplement - The holder of the certificate is qualified to: 

  • assess the impact of different economic decisions for the development of the economy, entire society and the environment; 
  • plan projects by employing appropriate ICT tools; 
  • plan, organise and manage work procedures in the company;  
  • calculate basic company performance indicators and basic statistical indicators as well as understand their use when analysing trends in the economy; 
  • act in line with legal system rules of a modern state; 
  • develop work responsibility in procedures leading to the establishment of a company; 
  • carry out marketing activities; 
  • employ modern ICT technology, work with resources, data and materials for completing documentation and keeping appropriate registers


Mar 2015Jun 2015

Carpus Makeup Center Certificate

Carpus Makeup Center

As a Makeup Artist I already worked on various projects: 

  • 3 short films (I also helped with other things on set if needed)
  • Final show for Mister Slovenija 2015
  • Theatre makeup for KD Stična's production of Hamlet
  • Bridal fashion show

I also do makeup for special events (prom, weddings, anniversarys, Halloween etc.)