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Team Work
Working on a journalism staff, especially in editing positions and news writing positions has taught me that even though an article will usually only  credit one author, or maybe two or three at most, it is a group effort, and nearly all articles could't be done without the cohesive effort of an entire staff working together. A newspaper staff is just that, a staff, where everybody needs to cooperate to get things done, lone wolf writers and photographers will never be able to match the efficiency and skill of a well oil journalism machine in the form of a news team. Working on the Dragon Press I saw first hand how efficient and positive team work can be for a publication, and even how detrimental it can be. From my first year on the news team to my last as an editor and A&E writer, I have been working with other students as a team. From my coverage of Every 15 Minutes, a drunk driving simulation on campus, where it took over 5 staffers to photograph, video record, and write a comprehensive story, to the personal teamwork of three students splitting up the work and editing all of a daily publications articles; I've seen my far share of working as a team to tackle a project, both short term and long term.
Time Management
Managing your time is vital as a journalist. When a news story breaks, every second counts, and its incredibly important to be proactive and efficient in your work. You never know when you might need to interview someone regarding a news story, and you never know when they might become unavailable. It's always important to get as much as possible done, and never leave things to the last minute, you never know what could happen. Another reason  why time management is so important is that in journalism, almost all the time you are relying on others, and they could easily flake out or fail you, leaving you with a lot more work than you anticipated.  Working as a editor and staffer for most of the year I have learned both sides of the Dragon Press, editing and writing, management and labor. I spent most of the year faced with editing articles that were posted to the back end of the Dragon Press, and finally publishing them on the front end for the world to read and critique. I had to learn to work efficiently and manage my time in a positive manner in order to keep order among the chaos of a high school publication.

Character Trait: Cooperation

Cooperation is the trait I learned the most this year on staff. Having to work with such close interactions between myself and the two others who were in charge of the back end meant that every single day whenever I had something to do, I always was communicating my progress with the other editors. I even spent 1 hour, four days a week working one on one with another editor to keep things in order. If I couldn't cooperate with the other editors, it would mean I can't do my job. Beyond editing in a tight knit circle of editors, on an everyday basis cooperation is imperative for a functioning newspaper between all staffers. Communicating with other students when you are managing them is a very tricky job. Staffers might be your seat partner in another class, your friends in other social circles, yet you are charged with managing them, assigning work and even grading them. In the workplace, managers and bosses are not your friends, their your boss and therefore the relationship between management and labor is much more clear cut. IN a high school newspaper the line is much more blurred. Your their friend in one class, yet their boss in another. A healthy relationship between editors and staffers, and just staffers and other staffers is reliant on tact, fairness and most of all cooperation.

Best Work

Supplement your studying with video games

A well written example of how young journalists can intertwine their interests and their careers, this article features 5 video games that can coincide with historical time periods and reinforce historical concepts. Check it out for yourself.

Five shows the Dragon Press is still shedding tears over

Another example of how journalists can play their hobbies to their advantage, this article features a list of favorite shows that were prematurely canceled. Drawing on my personal knowledge of TV, I have watched and researched all of the TV shows thoroughly, and displayed an in depth knowledge of each in their descriptions. Also, art work from this piece and the previously mentioned Video Game articles are originals, displaying my ability to work all aspects of an article, from the art to the writing. Check it out for yourself.

BREAKING NEWS: Mr. Villa will not be returning next year 

Not only is this article breaking news, but its also an article worked on with another student, portraying both my versatility as a journalist, covering both hard news articles and A&E articles, but also my ability to work as a team with other journalist, utilizing a divide and conquer strategy to churn out quality news articles with efficiency and speed. Check it out for yourself.

Work experience

Volunteer Tutoring

Every week for 2 hours a week I volunteer with Project Understanding to help underprivileged students in impoverished neighborhoods complete their homework and study for their classes when their parents are unable to help them, due to work, an inability to read English or any other unfortunate circumstances. So far I have tutored for over 150 hours, and I will have reached nearly 225 hours by the end of Senior year.

Speech and Debate

Going into my senior year of high school I will be the Co-President of Speech and Debate, hopefully leading our team to a successful year despite one of our Coaches leaving the school. In this last year I have been Vice President, and I have learned many new leadership tools, and prepared myself to take on the challenge of this next year, while still going undefeated in every league tournament, though unfortunately losing in the final round of the State Qualifying tournament.


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