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  • PhD graduate in CSG stimulation at the University if Queensland.
  • 5+ years experience of CSG production enhancement in Bowen and Surat Basins. 
  • 2+ years experience in CO2 sequestration and Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR).
  • Primary author of numerous CSG stimulation peer reviewed technical publications.
  • Experienced leader of Oil/Gas R&D projects and drilling optimisation. 
  • Extensive knowledge of data analytics for multiple applications.
  • High level of interpersonal skills working with a broad range of clients. 

Work History

Sep 2015Dec 2016

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

University of Queensland

Post Doctoral Research Fellow in CO2 Sequestration in a project funded by Australian National Low Emissions from Coal (ANLEC). This project was designed to research and evaluate the applicability of adapting a current, commercially available borehole logging technology for dissolved gas species manufactured by WellDog, USA. Position highlights include:

  • Practical and theoretical knowledge in carbon capture and storage policies. 
  • Dynamic geochemical simulations of large scale CO2 injection scenarios.
  • Modelling of aquifer re-injection scenarios with CSG production water. 
  • CSG production water treatment processes.
  • Delivery of multiple external reports to large scale funding bodies.
  • Mathematical modelling and MS Excel macro development. 
  • Experience in data analytics and visualisation software e.g. GIS, SigmaPlot, Spotfire.
Jul 2011Nov 2015

PhD  Scholar

University of Queensland

Thesis Title: "Chemical stimulation techniques for increasing the permeability of coal seams"

The project formed part of the Petroleum Engineering arm of the UQ Centre for Coal Seam Gas (CCSG), a multi-million dollar research organisation founded in 2011 to harness the extensive capability of UQ researchers. Position highlights include:

  • Practical experience of CSG production optimisation in Bowen and Surat Basins. 
  • Lead author and chief investigator for numerous peer reviewed publications based on CSG stimulation techniques.
  • Technical presentations and reporting to major CSG partners including Origin Energy, Santos, QGC, Arrow Energy and Schlumberger.
  • Technical presentations at SPE URCE 2013/2015 conferences.
  • Identification of low performance CSG production wells through production plots and various data analytical methods. 
  • Remediation methods for solids production during CSG dewatering.
  • Successful CSG stimulation research commercialism and drilling optimisation. 
  • Chiefly responsible for the design, procurement and installation of a variety of high pressure/temperature core flooding apparatus. 
  • Advanced technical experience of multiple analyses techniques and instrumentation common to Oil/Gas production. 
  • Responsible for the creation and supervision of multiple CSG engineering based final year research projects for UQ undergraduate students.
  • Organisation committee member for annual UQ Engineering Post Graduate Conference (EPC), an event unifying over 300 students.
Jul 2013Jul 2015


University of Queensland
  • Lead tutor for a number of Chemical Engineering Undergraduate Courses, including Fluid Dynamics and Reactor Design.
  • Developed and implemented highly successful introductory sessions for prospectiv local and ingternational Undergraduate Engineering students
Jun 2010Nov 2010

Sales Representative

On The Beach Ltd.
  • Development of customers accounts, financial reporting and cost analysis.
May 2008Sep 2009


University of Nottingham National Centre of Industrial Microwave Processing
  • Researcher for a variety of multi-disciplinary projects spanning process engineering, electrical and microwave engineering, process assessment and materials science.
  • The research contributed to a number of peer reviewed publications.
Jun 2008Sep 2008

Supply Chain Analyst

  • Deliveries coordinator.
May 2008Sep 2008

Events Coordinator 

New Balance
  • Supervision of merchandising stores at large events, ioncluding London Marathon.



PhD Doctorate - CSG Stimulation Methods

University of Queensland

Completed at the School of Chemical Engineering.


1st Class, MEng, Chemical Engineering

University of Nottingham
  • Awarded Dean's Honour for academic achievement. 


1. Pore scale numerical investigation on chemical stimulation in coal and permeability enhancement for coal seam gas production, Transport in Porous Media, 2016, Authors: Jinfang Gao, Huilin Xing, Karen Steel, Mohamed Sedek, Sue Golding, Victor Rudolph.

2. A study into the effect of cleat de-mineralisation by hydrochloric acid on the permeability of coal, Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, 2016, Authors: Luc Turner, Karen Steel. 

3. Improving CSG productivity: X-ray uCT investigation of the effects of coal fracture decalcifitcation, Fuel, 2017 (in preparation). Authors: Luc Turner, Reydick D Balucan, Karent Steel. 

4. Acid-induced mineral alteration and its influence on the permeability and compressibility of coal, Journal of Natural Gas Science & Engineering, 2016. Authors: Reydick D Balucan, Luc Turner, Karen Steel. 

5. The evolution of gas dissociation species during sequestration of a CO2/NO stream, Goldschmidt Conference, Yokohama, June 2016.

6.  Desktop study and batch reactor experiments to determine baseline levels of CO2, SOx and NOx in Precipice Sandstone, ANLEC R&D, 2016.

7. The influence of cleat de-mineralisation on the compressibility of coal, Society of Petroleum Engineers, November 9, 2015. Authors: Reydick D Balucan, Luc Turner, Karen Steel. 

8. Chemical stimulation techniques for increasing the permeability of coal seams, PhD Thesis, UQ School of Chemical Engineering, November 2016. Authors: Luc Turner.

9. A study into the effect of HCl on the permeability of coal cores rich in calcite and mixed calcite/clay for enhancing coal seam gas extraction, International Conference on Coal Science and Technology, Melbourne, 2015 September 27, 2015. Authors: Luc Turner, Karen Steel. 

10. Novel chemical stimulation techniques to enhance coal permeability, Society of Petroleum Engineers November 11, 2013. Authors: Luc Turner, Karen Steel. 

11. Novel chemical stimulation techniques to enhance coal permeability, International Conference on Coal Science and Technology, Penn State University, 2013. September 29, 2013. Authors: Luc Turner, Karen Steel. 

Organisations and Societies

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE)
  • Geochemical Society 
  • Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia (PESA)
  • Formation Evaluation Society of Australia (FESAus)
  • Institute of Chemical Engineers (IChemE)
  • Society of Core Analysts  (SCA)
  • University of Queensland Football Club (UQFC)
  • University of Queensland Tennis Club.