Work History

Work History
Aug 2008 - Present

Senior Teacher

Cultura Inglesa

EFL Classes - YLs and Adults 

FCE Teacher - YLs and Adults

BTTC - Teacher Training Course (Tutor) 

Feb 2007 - Dec 2009

EFL teacher

Colegio de Aplicacao - UFPE

Gave EFL classes at the Federal University of Pernambuco (2 year contract):

Taught groups from 7th grade (middle school) to high school 

Feb 1993 - Jun 2007

Senior Teacher / Teacher Trainer

Associacao Brasil America

Taught EFL to most levels (except children).

Experienced in Teacher Training

Designed and implemented a refresher course for Public/State school teachers of EFL

Collaborated in the design and implementation of a portfolio project for assessment

Designed and implemented a project on using benchmarks (rubrics) as part of course design



Oral Examiner

University of Cambridge
Sep 2011 - Dec 2011

Distance Delta

Cambridge / International House

Module on Course Design: Presentation of the Extended Assignment (EA) on a Writing Program for Adolescents (YLs)

Aug 2008 - Jan 2010


Faculdade Santa Fe
Feb 2002 - Dec 2007

Language Arts (Letras)

FAFIRE - Faculdade Frassinetti do Recife



Braz-Tesol Pernambuco chapter, Recife

Livraria Cultura - November 8th

Workshop: Christmas Activities for Teens


FELT VIII – Braz Tesol PE

Title: Assessment through Portfolios

January 2005


Braz-Tesol Pernambuco chapter, British Council Recife

October 20th


Talk: Reading the Word x the WorLd: A look at literacy


Journal Writing: Self-Assessment, Autonomy and Collaborative Success


Journal Writing: A journey within one’s self (May, in Caruarú PE)


Promoting Critical Literacy in ELT – UFPE – September 19th



Promoting Critical Literacy in ELT – Britannic English Center – November 28th

Promoting Critical Literacy in ELT – ABCI Conference, Rio de Janeiro  - July


Promoting Critical Literacy in ELT - ACINNE Conference, Salvador BA - Nov.


How to have a more fulfilling teaching experience - BRAZ-TESOL Newsletter – March 1996

Teaching the Terrible Teens: Demistifying ‘the Rebel Without a Cause’ – BRAZ-TESOL Newsletter – June 2004

Critical Literacy in the 21st Century - In English Digital (IED) Magazine - February 2012