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Jan 1977Jan 1982


University of Maryland

Organic and Polymer Chemistry.  My thesis research was directed at synthesizing monomers that would ring open during polymerization and potentially reduce shrinkage of the polymer. 

Jan 1972Jan 1976


Concordia College

Majors in Chemistry and French.  I taught English at a French school and lived with families for several months during my senior year at Concordia College.

Work experience

Jan 1996Present


LNS Consulting Services

Providing guidance in the selection of materials for medical devices, electron beam and gamma radiation sterilization and processing, manufacturing problem solving, project management, and market research.  Areas of expertise:  Product and process development, polymer structure/function properties, radiation chemistry and processing, polymer and organics characterization and analysis, thin film coatings, adhesion-promoting surface treatments, and patents. 

My most recent projects involved researching a new food additive and investigating a new program for a local university. 

Examples of projects include:  Provided business development services to a Canadian company for electron beam sterilization and processing services.  Involved in customer visits and presentations about the technology and steps for product qualification and process validation.  Responsible for advertising and trade shows in the U.S.; Conducted several market research projects to analyze the medical device market in Minnesota; Invited to give a presentation entitled "Designing Medical Products for Electron Beam Sterilization" at several Minnesota-based medical device companies; Developed a set of tutorials about electron beam processing and radiation effects on materials for a large medical device company.

Additional projects include:  Designed and managed a set of experiments to determine the dose and product temperature needed to electron beam sterilize a collagen-containing medical device.  This work involved the pre-cooling of product cases and the real-time measurement of product temperature duing processing; Worked with several start-up medical device companies to determine the optimum radiation sterilization conditions for their protein or tissue products.

Jan 1999Jan 2001

Senior Materials Specialist

IBA (Ion Beam Applications)

Provided product and radiation processing development support to IBA's Advanced Materials Division.   Worked directly with customers to develop radiation processing capabilities.  Assisted customers in designing experiments to investigate radiation processing.  Managed radiation processing projects at IBA facilities.  Provided guidance about materials compatibility to sterilization customers.  Developed and managed key programs to map temperature and dose in gamma and electron beam irradiated polymer powders for several large customers.  Led a team in the commissioning of a 10 MeV electron beam accelerator.  Developed and implemented an analytical test plan to identify and quantify contaminants on a scrap polymer before and after irradiation.

Jan 1999Jul 1999

Materials Scientist

Fargo Electronics

Developed a new type of laminate for plastic ID cards.  Managed an engineering team to develop a mechanism to apply the laminate to cards.  Worked closely with Fargo's laminate vendors to solve quality and manufacturing problems.  Delivered prototype perforated laminates on cards within 2 weeks of receiving the project assignment.  Solved two major laminate and thermal transfer quality problems.

Jun 1994Oct 1996

Principal Polymer Chemist

DataCard Corporation

Developed a new protective coating for plastic ID cards.  Researched the characteristics of clear and holographic thermal transfer films.  Worked with film vendors to improve quality and consistency.  Developed cover and overt security devices for ID cards.  Brought the protective coating project from the laboratory to commercial-scale coating operations in 6 months.  Solved a major printer ribbon sticking problem.

Jan 1992Jan 1994

U.S. Representative

Nippon Fine Chemical

Responsible for U.S. Liaison Office operations.  Performed market research for metallocene catalysts to identify customers.  Analyzed patent and business activities of customers and competitors.  Conducted interviews with key chemical industry contacts to gather information about activities, pricing and strategies.  Developed profiles of small chemical businesses in the U.S. for possible joint ventures.  Sourced and exported specialty chemicals and materials to Japan.  I also completed courses at the University of Minnesota in Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, and Marketing (all with grades of A).

Jan 1986Jun 1992

Research Specialist

3M Company

Developed new radiation cured fluoroelastomer compositions.  Invented a new radiochromic dosimeter film to measure electron beam, gamma, and high intensity UV radiation.  Scaled up film coating process.  Participated on a number of multi-functional product development teams.   Characterized the mechanical and chemical properties of cured fluoroelastomer.  Prepared and presented an overview of these properties to several U.S. and European customers.  Scaled up the coating process for dosimeter films to pilot plant equipment.  Prepared a business plan for dosimeters which included an analysis of the dosimeter industry, market size, growth, distribution channels, strategy for commercialization, profiles of competitors and distributors, and a P & L statement.  I also completed courses at the University of Minnesota in Japanese History (both with grades of A).

Recent Consulting Assignments

My most recent consulting assignments included market researching new food additives and investigating a new program for a local university.

US Patents

6,737,139  Continuous supply edge-to-edge laminate for plastic cards and method of fabrication

5,206,118  Acid-sensitive leuco dye polymeric films

4,594,262  Electron beam adhesion-promoting treatment for polyester film base

4,543,268  Electron beam adhesion-promoting treatment for polyester film base for magnetic recording media

4,533,566  Electron beam adhesion-promoting treatment for polyester film base for silicone release liners


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Member, ASTM.  Chair of ASTM Subcommittee E10.01 Dosimetry for Radiation Processing Task Force J on label dosimeters, 1990-91

Member, American Chemical Society