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I'm Luann, Brazilian, 25 years old. I come from a business family, I have always been involved with enterprises.

I am self-taught, very curious and moved to challenges. I started my professional career as a programmer in 2010 because last year I was told that I would never be able to do "these things".

Since then I have been enjoying more and more of this area and learning new technologies to the needs that arose. Although I've been to some companies, all my outings have been friendly. So the company no longer had anything new to provide me with the level of professional growth. I felt stagnant and stuck in a rut.

I’ve been in Portugal for almost two years, I’ve never worked here, my last job was for a company in Brazil where I was Scrum Master/DBA/Full Stack Developer (a does everything) and worked remotely.

So now I'm looking for new challenges, getting to know the Portuguese market and its technologies.



Limited working proficiency


Native or bilingual proficiency


May 2017Apr 2019

Full Stack Developer

One Internet Group

Scrum Master;
Full Stack Developer;
DBA (Database Administrator).

Leading the Development Team;
Develop Front-End and Back-End Solutions (Laravel & Angular);
Structuring and Managing the Database (MySQL);
Ensure User Information Security (Cryptography).

OIG Admin - OIG Administrative Panel: For CEOs to monitor the flow of employee activities and translation team, manage OIG products, and other functions;

OIG Translate - BigTests Product Translation Panel: Where the Translation Team can translate BigTests applications; And OIG Admin collects information (automatically) from the time and work accuracy of each team member, providing this information to CEOs later;

OIG Tests - Creation Panel: Where the Creation Team can design and develop applications for the OIG BigTests Product;

OIG Network: A social network focused on monetizing Internet interactions. Where users could purchase OIG products.

May 2016May 2017

Front End Developer


Develop and/or integrate Administrative Panels (Angular & Scala);
Developing Responsible WebSites (Laravel);
Working with Scrum Methods.

Stock Aki: A platform that allows to lease physical spaces for storage of furniture and other objects;

gonnapet: A platform that allows the monitoring and sharing of information about the pet of its clients. Such as scheduling/contracting grooming services, vaccines and the like.

Aug 2015Apr 2016

Trainee Front End Developer

Adaltech Soluções para Eventos

Front End Developer;
Mobile Developer.

Develop Front End Solutions and Integrations (ASP + Bootstrap);
Develop Mobile Applications (Ionic and / or PhoneGap);
Ensure User Information Security (Cryptography).

Aug 2013Mar 2014

Technical Support Specialist

New Media Design Solutions

Direct relationship with the client, understanding the problem presented and addressing it in an agile, educated and assertive way.


May 2017Apr 2019

OIG Network

One Internet Group

I held the position of Full Stack Developer and Scrum Master with the focus on the leadership of the development team. Developing functionalities and solutions for the social network and its administrative panels.

I was responsible for the integral development of the OIG Network. And of their administrative panels in a partial way.

In addition to database structure & maintenance and user information security.

Jan 2017May 2017

Stock Aki


I performed the Front End Developer role with a focus on bug fixes and development of new features for the client system and administrative dashboard development. Working with the Scala Framework and Scrum Methods.

Sep 2016May 2017



I worked as a Front-End Developer with a focus on bug fixes and the development of new features for the gonnapet site and system. Working with the Scala Framework and Scrum Methods.


Laravel, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, phpMyAdmin, Postman, REST API, Web Services, Git, GitHub, GitLab

WordPress, Ionic, AngularJS & 2, React, Node.js, Electron, NW.js, JSON, Google Maps API, Google Analytics API, AWS, Google Cloud, Linux CentOS & Ubuntu (Server)

Education & Languages


Bachelor of Information Systems

Faculdade Estácio do Recife

Bachelor of Information Systems


High School

Colégio e Curso Gradiente (CCG)